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Benefits of website personalisation

website personalisation

Running a digital business is an increasingly difficult task these days, with more and more companies transferring to the online world every day. No longer is it enough to create a simple website for your customers to use – if they don’t like yours, they will find another one that better fits their needs.

Website personalization is a countermeasure for that – it aims to keep your customers close to you by offering each of them a unique, tailored experience. After all, there are close to 2 billion websites in existence, and making yours the one that stands out is no simple task.

But is it worth it to struggle with big data and market research and invest in personalization measures? What are the potential benefits?

If you’re looking for an answer to these questions, we’re here to provide one.

Build customer loyalty and develop your brand image with website personalization

 Giving your customers a personalized experience gives them a clear message that you care about them and their time with your brand. A positive user experience is a key to building a positive brand image, which itself can be a significant factor when it comes to your sales. Internet users that browse personalized websites are prone to staying longer on your website and engaging more with the content – and they’re also less prone to leaving abandoned carts.

Personalization isn’t a simple trend – it’s a proper technique that’s proven to work, boosting sales of the companies that implemented it and helping them build brand loyalty. With website personalization becoming a more popular practice as we go forward, many users are starting to take it for granted and expect it as a standard – and you don’t want to disappoint such users!

Moving towards a customer-centric future

The times when the digital market was empty up for grabs are long gone – the Internet is more and more saturated with various e-commerce businesses and service providers, meaning users do not have to take what’s offered to them anymore and can allow themselves to pick and choose. If you’re not the one offering your customers what they desire, they’ll find someone else who will.

If you want your website to be the catalyst for conversions, you should definitely consider personalization. Your online visitors are a varied lot, each one of them with their distinct needs and preferences. Serving all of them the same standardized experience might not be the best idea to catch their attention – but tailoring what they see to match with their needs definitely is!

A variety of content tailored to your audience

Personalization is a great opportunity to expand your customer base, inviting new client groups and niches to give your company’s services a try. To achieve personalization, you must first proceed with segmentation – dividing your users into manageable groups, each with its distinct priorities. Making your content fit them all might be impossible, but creating personalized content that’s shown only to those for whom it might be relevant is a great start.

Personalized content is valuable to your customers and shows them you actually care about their experience. Keeping information available on your website as relevant for your users as possible also builds your brand’s image as a professional who knows what they’re talking about and actually has something useful to say.

A bonus tip before we finish – make use of your customer segments whenever you can. Targeted campaigns and promotions are a great way of attracting returning customers and building long-term customer relations.