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Best 5 PC Cleaners to Clean Up and Speed Up Windows PC 2023


Disk space usage rises over time, and a ton of trash files build on our computers. Manually deleting files can be a hassle, and we can use a PC cleaner to do everything.

With PC cleaner software, you may delete unnecessary files, cache, temporary files, registry content, etc., and improve the efficiency of your computer. All tasks can be finished by the software with a single click.

In this article, we’ve carefully checked several of the PC cleaners on the market to see how they affect Windows PC performance. The best Windows computer cleansers are listed below.

Best 5 PC Cleaners for Windows Clean Up

Advanced SystemCare

If you are a beginner Windows user, Advanced SystemCare is worth a look. The app is an AI-powered PC cleaner that can speed up your machine and free up disk space.

Advanced SystemCare uses a hands-off method to optimize and clean desktops. It removes all unneeded files and folders, fixes the Windows registry, and fixes disk issues. In the smooth dashboard of the app, you can easily find all the functionalities.

PC Cleaners

First, the AI Scan will check your computer to identify anything that is slowing it down, and the Deep Clean option will get rid of any unwanted items that are causing problems or harming performance.

Also, the professionally created software updater will help you automatically update all installed apps to the most recent version.

PC Cleaners

Standard cleaning is included in the Free version and the Pro version, which costs money, adds more capabilities and improves functionality. Deep registry cleaning, real-time optimization, privacy protection, so round technical help are some of these features. For most personal users, the Pro version license enables a maximum of three devices and should be enough for daily use.


CCleaner is another excellent option for optimizing your system. The tool helps you manage the other installed apps on your computer and cleans and fixes the Windows registry. Whether it’s temporary files, app data, cache, cookies, etc., browser data,  CCleaner can clean them all.

To speed up the booting process, you can disable the useless start-up items. In order to save time, its one-click capability is especially helpful for beginners. Also, you receive regular automated upgrades that guarantee peak system performance.

The majority of features to delete undesirable temporary files, browser caches, and cookies while keeping the ones you feel useful are available in the free version. Moreover, the paid version enables real-time protection and can do the scheduled cleanup. The paid version also includes a software updater to ensure you are using the most recent version and reduce security issues.

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is an app that optimizes your system to increase Windows computer performance. This program includes functions including online privacy protection and PC optimization.

You may quickly delete unnecessary files with the one-click clean-up option included in the app. You can quickly and hassle-free make your PC faster and cleaner by using this PC cleaner, too. The app will delete unnecessary files and free up memory as a result.

In addition, it clears your browser’s log, cache, cookies, and history to safeguard your online privacy.

The app offers advanced maintenance functions including malware removal, privacy protection, and system improvements in both its free and paid versions. The free version also contains excellent PC cleanup features, so you don’t have to pay if you’re not ready to.


WinOptimizer is made by Ashampoo that it helps you get rid of unnecessary files and speed up your computer. You can also use the app to solve Windows-related issues.

All Windows versions are supported by WinOptimizer, which also provides a large choice of lightning-quick cleaning tools for thorough system cleaning.

WinOptimizer is a robust system cleaning option with easy access to all cleaning tools. It improves real-time optimization and scheduling maintenance tools.

It’s the optimal solution for newbies to help them in maintaining a clean and responsive system. It’s a good tool for anyone whose backup plan regularly generates system pictures. Using WinOptimizer is a wise decision if you want to be sure that your backups are always perfect.

There is a free version of the app, so there is no cost to you. A paid upgrade of WinOptimizer is also available for access to even more features and choices.

Norton Utilities

Another tool you may use to have your system functioning properly is Norton Utilities. The clean and repair setting records your usage for you automatically. The program then carries out numerous cleaning and maintenance tasks when your PC is not in use. While using the app to make repairs, you can engage in other activities. With the one-click optimization option, you can easily rebuild your entire system.

To ensure a smooth performance, it automatically optimizes the PC’s memory, hardware, and computing power. It will help you in deleting unnecessary files and speed up Windows, just like other programs.

If any action needs to be taken, the app will let you know and continue working in the background. Thus the app continuously keeps an eye on things in the background.

Also, the app has advanced cleaning features to correct the register and trash items with important data.

What is a PC Cleaner?

A PC cleaner is an app that will carry out various tasks automatically to improve the efficiency of your computer. You may have noticed your computer’s sluggishness or frequent idle times over time. This is caused by the accumulation of numerous unwanted files, cache, etc. over time, which has an impact on your computer’s speed.

The PC cleaner is useful in this situation. With only one click, this tool will completely remove all unneeded files from your computer, significantly improving its speed and functionality.

How to choose the best PC cleaner?

At first, the PC cleaner you select should be both effective and simple to use. Be careful to check the app and make sure that even beginner PC users could use the products in an easy way.

Second, a good PC cleaner needs to function properly without affecting the system’s performance. You can choose a PC cleaner from well-known manufacturers like Advanced SystemCare.

Finally, PC cleaners are used to improve and enhance the operation of your computer and the manufacturers can have different pricing plans to attract users. You can compare and choose a good plan according to what you are ready to cost.

Final Words

Your computer is designed to make your life easier and you need to pay for its routine maintenance if you want to get good performance out of it. Use the above Windows PC cleaners and optimizers to remove all the bugs, faults, and unwanted programs, so you can restart and experience faster and better performance.