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Blooket Tower Defense – Best Strategies

Blooket Tower Defense

Gameplay and Mechanics for Blooket Tower Defense

Blooket Tower Defense game mode has engaged the students in learning as no other mode has ever. Blooket being an online interactive learning platform has many features and game modes to make students enjoy the process of learning. One such feature is the Blooket Tower Defense, it adds an exciting strategic element to the learning process as students are tasked to defend against blook waves by strategically placing towers along the path. But to buy and upgrade those towers you need coins.

How will you get them? By answering the question correctly. Isn’t it amazing! But the game isn’t just about the reflexes of placing the towers, you also need strategic planning to know which tower to use, when and where to place the tower for the best defense, and maximum damage to the blooks. If you are new to the game or need the best Blooket Tower Defense strategies suggestions, this blog will help you.

Core Gameplay

  • Choose the map, as each has unique obstacles and layouts.
  • Choose the group of Blook to compete or fight in the game. You can choose them based on their pattern or difficulty levels.
  • Stop these blooks by strategically placing the towers, and you must stop as many waves as possible to win.

Key Mechanics

Blooket Tower Defense

  • Earn coins by answering the questions correctly and spending them on purchasing new towers or upgrading existing ones.
  • Place the towers in a way that covers the maximum area and ensures maximum damage to the blooks. Chokepoints and curves are ideal spots for effective placement.

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Game strategies

Blooket Tower Defense

Early Game

  • Start the game with low-cost towers like Jester, Duck, or Chick to quickly defend against the blue blooks.
  • Don’t focus on upgrading the low-cost towers yet. Instead, focus on upgrading towers with powerful area damage or slow effects, like Rocket Unicorn or Wind Dragon.
  • Learn the layout of each map. Place your towers in chokepoints and curves to maximize their coverage. This will ensure their maximum reach and damage on the blocks.

Avoid Mistakes – Don’t overspend on towers in the early game. Start cost-effective towers and save resources for later stages as blooks strengthen as the game proceeds.

Mid Game

  • As blooks become tougher, combine towers to deal with them. One example combining high-area damage (like Flame Dragon) with slow-down blooks (like Sticky Owl) to handle waves of strong blooks effectively. This technique is called Tower Synergy.
  • Focus your attacks on stronger blooks like Shield Blooks, Invisible, Fast, or Boss Blooks. Don’t waste resources on weaker ones.
  • Depending on the tower’s strength, prioritize upgrades. Focus on the ones that improve speed attack or damage.

Avoid Mistakes – Ensure consistent upgrades to keep your defense strong. Neglecting upgrades can leave you vulnerable to tougher enemy waves.

Late in Game

  • Invest in powerful towers like Majestic Unicorn or Flame Dragon for massive damage and ensure they are fully upgraded. You need their full potential at this stage.
  • Don’t hesitate to sell the underperforming towers.
  • Reposition towers strategically based on the blook waves.
  • Use powerups like Double Cash and Freeze Time at crucial moments to gain an advantage. This is the time to make full use of resources.

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Advanced Strategies For Blooket Tower Defense Mode

1. Resource Management

Efficiently manage your resources by prioritizing upgrades that provide the most significant impact on your defense. Consider the cost-effectiveness of each upgrade and balance spending between tower upgrades and new placements.

2. Wave Planning

Blooket Tower Defense

Anticipate and plan for upcoming waves by analyzing enemy types and their attack patterns. Adjust your tower placements and upgrades accordingly to counter evolving enemy threats effectively.

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Here we conclude this blog. We hope it helped you understand what is Blooket Tower Defense and what are some of the best strategies to use in this game mode. Start with investing in low-cost towers to defend against the blooks. Don’t rely on these towers or upgrade them in the mid-game, instead use stronger and more effective towers.

Use Tower synergy, i.e., combine different towers for stronger defense and to enhance your damage area. As the game reaches the end, upgrade your stronger towers to their fullest, you need their full potential at this stage. Also, maintain resource spending and prioritize upgrading existing towers or purchasing new towers according to the situation. Let us know if these strategies improved your gaming efficiency in the Blooket Tower Defense mode.


1. What is the best Blooket in Tower Defense?

Each blooket has its own strengths and capabilities. But based on the attack time, damage, and range, Owl Sniper can be considered the best followed by Rocket Unicorn and King.

2. How to get a tower in Blooket?

To get towers in Blooket Tower Defense, answer the trivia questions correctly and then spend those coins to purchase the towers.

3. What is the last round in Blooket Tower Defense?

Usually, the final round in Blooket Tower Defense is 30, but you can play further by choosing the option to do so.

4. What is the hardest enemy in Blooket Tower Defense?

Slime Monster is designed to defeat you, so beware of it as it is the hardest enemy you might encounter in Blooket Tower Defense.

5. Which blooks should be prioritized in Blooket Tower Defense 2?

Towers with scaling potential and areas of effect should be given priority. Some of them are Splash Tower for its high area of damage and Snowball for its freezing effects.