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How To Make a Blooket Quiz Set – Some Easy Steps

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Blooket having gaming quizzes is one of the best ways to check the learning and knowledge of students. The best part is making this Blooket quiz set is a fun and easy process.

As Blooket offers gamified and interactive ways of learning, one of its best features is the ability to customize the question sets to make them engaging and fun. You can choose the types of questions, and add game modes that match with your topic or question set. If you don’t know how to create a Blooket quiz and adjust its settings, we can help you! In this blog, we will share simple steps from adding questions and customizing the quiz set to sharing them with your participants.

Without any delay, let’s get to the steps!

Simple Steps to Create Blooket Quiz Set

Note – You should have a Blooket account to create a Blooket quiz set, so if you don’t have one create it first.

  • Log into your Blooket account and click the ‘Create’ option on the dashboard.

Blooket Quiz

  • You will see a new page where you can add the name, description, and other details about your Blooket quiz set. Then, choose the availability of the question set as public or private and click on ‘Create.’

Blooket Quiz

  • Now, add questions to your quiz set by clicking on ‘Add Question’. You can choose question types from the available options like multi-choice questions, true/false questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Then, add the corresponding answers to your questions too.
  • Set the time limit for each question, points, and number of attempts. You can also add images if needed.
  • After adding questions and completing the set, click ‘Host’ to start hosting.

Blooket Quiz

  • Now, choose the game mode for your quiz. Some popular ones are ‘Race mode’ ‘Tower defense’ and ’Match’.
  • You can also adjust game configurations to enhance the gaming experience, including challenges or power-ups.
  • Before submitting the set, preview it to see if any corrections are required. If everything looks good, share the game by sharing the game code with your participants.

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Here we conclude this blog. We hope this easy and short guide helped you make the Blooket quiz set. Start by adding questions to your question set and then choose the question types, time limit, or other settings. When everything is done, select the game mode to enhance the gaming experience and share it with your audience. By following the easy steps shared above, you can customize your Blooket quiz set to fit your learning objectives and engage your students while making them learn in a fun way. Let us know which game mode you and your audience prefer! Happy learning!

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1. How to find the Blooket quiz set?

To find a Blooket quiz set, go to the search bar at the top of the homepage and type in keywords relevant to your topic. You will get a list of quiz sets that match your search. Another way is to browse through categories.

2. How to copy a Blooket question set?

Find the set you want to duplicate and open it. Then, look for the “Duplicate” button, near the top of the page. Click it and a copy of the quiz set will be saved to your account.

3. Can I share a Blooket set?

Yes, you can share a Blooket set with others. To do this, open the quiz set you want to share. Click on the wheel icon for settings and choose ‘Link’, you will get a shareable link to share with others.

4. How do I create a new Blooket quiz set?

To create a new Blooket quiz set, log into your account and click the “Create” button. Enter a title, description, and cover page for your quiz. Add questions and you can also set the correct answers and add images. Once you’re done, click “Save” to create your quiz set.

5. Can I merge two Blooket quiz sets?

Yes, you can merge two Blooket quiz sets only if you have a Blooket Plus account.