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How To Get Infinite Coins in Blooket

How To Get Infinite Coins in Blooket

Will it not be amazing if you get infinite coins in Blooket games? But is it possible? Let’s get answers to these questions in this blog.

Blooket being one of the most popular online learning platforms, motivates students by offering them the opportunity to earn Blooket tokens. These tokens serve as valuable rewards that enable users to purchase power-ups and boosts, customize their profiles and avatars, and give access to some premium features as well. But is there any way to infinite coins in Blooket? In this blog, we will share some hacks and some ways to get blooket tokens without hacks. We will also clear some misconceptions regarding infinite coins. So without any further delay, let’s get into the ways to get infinite Blooket tokens!

How to Get Infinite Coins in Blooket with Hack

Disclaimer – There is nothing like infinite coins in Blooket, you can get daily limited tokens/coins and XP. Sometimes, you can get a little more than the daily limit while playing games. In the last section, we will tell you what this infinite coins thing is all about.

For now, follow these steps to claim daily rewards of up to 500 coins and 300 XP using GitHub

  • Open GitHub and go to the profile of a user named.
  • Once it is open, go to the ‘Blooket cheat’ option and click the ‘Cheats’ folder again.

How to Get Infinite Coins in Blooket

  • Now, go to the ‘Global’ folder and select the file named ‘js

How to Get Infinite Coins in Blooket

  • Open the file and copy its whole code from top to bottom.
  • Now, open Play Blooket and right-click on anywhere on the screen. You will get a menu, choose the ‘Inspect’ option.

How to Get Infinite Coins in Blooket

  • A page will open on the right side of the screen, choose the ‘Console’ tab and paste the code copied earlier.
  • You will get a notification once the code is pasted, saying your reward has been claimed. You can see it in your Blooket account.

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How to Get Infinite Coins in Blooket Without Hacks

If you don’t want to use hacks and just want a little tweaking to get infinite coins in Blooket, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a question set where all the answers are correct.
  • Then click ‘Host’ and choose ‘Factory’ game mode.
  • Set the time to like 10 minutes.
  • Open the new tab, go to Blooket, and enter the game code of the game you just created
  • Start the game and answer as many questions as you can.

Some tips for Factory mode include:

  • Try to get blooks of the same clan, usually, the Wonderland factor is the easiest one.
  • Upgrade your blooks occasionally but avoid to do when you are near time out.
  • If you don’t want to click for ten minutes, opt for the auto-click option.

Ethical considerations

Using hacks or minor cheats to get Blooket tokens is an unethical and immoral practice. It goes against the morals and motivation of Blooket which focuses on learning and earning the tokens while improving knowledge. So try not to use hacks, it might get you banned.

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Is Infinite Coins in Blooket Legit?

No, if you are thinking of getting infinite coins in Blooket, it’s not legit. There is no way to get ‘Infinite’ tokens or coins. You can get daily rewards or spin the wheel to get as many as 500 Blooket tokens. But sometimes you might come across hacks like changing the number of coins by modifying the HTML code of a webpage through browser tools.

While this might temporarily change the displayed number of coins on your screen, it’s important to understand that this is not a legitimate or permanent way to modify your actual coin balance in the game. It will only change the displayed number but your actual coin balance will be the same in the game database. Once you refresh the page, you will see the previous balance again.

Additionally, you can get banned if you try to manipulate the game’s code for your benefit.


Here we conclude this blog. We hope it helped you understand that there is no such thing as ‘Infinite coins in Blooket.’ You can get daily rewards either using GitHub, tweaking the game, or playing games in a legit way sharpening your skills and knowledge. But if you opt for hacks and cheats, understand that the consequences can be serious and might lead to you being banned from the platform. You can’t get infinite coins in Blooket even by manipulating its code. It will just change the displayed number of tokens but the actual number will remain the same. So, we recommend you play games, and answer the questions correctly, and earn the tokens in a legit way. Happy Blooking!

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1. Which Blooket mode gives the most coins?

Factory mode is known to be the most efficient for earning coins, especially when you answer questions quickly and manage your factories well.

2. Why are Blooket tokens used?

With Blooket tokens, you can purchase power-ups, and boosts, customize your profile, and avatar, and access various features.

3. How to get infinite coins in Blooket?

You can get extra Blooket coins using GitHub and playing games.

4. How many Blooket tokens can you get per day?

The maximum number of Blooket tokens you can earn is 500 per day. It includes the daily rewards and tokens earned through gameplay.

5. What is Better Kahoot! Or Blooket?

The choice between Kahoot! and Blooket depends on your needs. Kahoot! is great for straightforward quizzes and educational settings, while Blooket offers a variety of game modes and more interactive, engaging gameplay suitable for both learning and fun. You can get a detailed comparison between Kahoot and Blooket through our blog.