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Call of Duty Modern Warfare How to Play With Friends

Call of Duty Modern Warfare How to Play With Friends

Attaining victory in Call of Duty Modern Warfare has never been an easy feat, so stop beating yourself. That’s why we usually encourage playing with friends to enable an easy flow of communication. But if you’re wondering how to connect and play with friends, this article will guide you about it.

Apart from connecting with your friends, you still have to use undetectable modern warfare cheats to become a commendable team player. Also, in this article, you will find some key tips to make you perform better amongst friends.

Connecting with friends

The multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allows you to play the game alongside your friends. Click on the social menu, usually at the top right on your modern warfare multiplayer home screen. On the social menu, you will find a list of friends you met on the platform.

From this menu, you can select the friends you wish to play with. After selecting friends, you can either invite them to join your game party or request to join theirs. After you have formed a party, you have to just begin any game mode of your choice.

Playing across Platforms

While you could be gaming on a PS4, your friend might be using an Xbox One, don’t worry. The Crossplay feature enables you to play with friends irrespective of your gaming platforms. But, your crossplay feature must be turned on in settings to enable you to enjoy this feature.

Simply open the social menu and scroll to the add friends option. On this menu, you are select the option by which you want to search for your friend. Options you can select from including PSN ID, BattleTag, Activision ID, or Xbox Live GameTag.

You will be directed to a page with a field bar where you are to type in your friend’s ID. Your friend receives an invite once you enter their ID. To accept invites, simply go to your social menu on the multiplayer screen. On the social menu, you are to click on the friends’ tab and navigate to the invite friends option.

Here, you’ll find a list of friend requests you either sent or were sent to you. You are to find and accept requests from the friends you wish to play with. Once the request is accepted, you can always find them on your friends’ list. Once this is done, you can either invite them for games or join theirs whenever their lobby is open.

Your team shouldn’t comprise Just Anybody.

The demanding and overwhelming conditions you experience in Modern Warfare demand a team of complementary players. This step requires that you know what fighting style works best for you and areas where you’re almost useless. For example, while Headquarters tests your team’s ability to secure a fort, domination tests its coordination skills. Other modes require several of these abilities in concert.

An essential tool to help you achieve this is by observing friends you previously played with and yourself. This will help you identify your individual strengths and weaknesses that will shape your future choice of teammates.

You Need A Gameplan

Scurrying into a waterfront without strategies is a sure-fire way to raze down the strongest army. Modern Warfare contains different maps and modes, with each of them requiring varying strategies. Thus, each member of the team should be informed on the tactics- which should be kept simple and straightforward.

However, you should never be ignorant of your opponents’ strategies, as they can easily jeopardize your plan. So, we deem it wise to have a plan B that teammates can fall back to if the main plan goes south.

In-Game Tips

As you advance in Modern Warfare, knowledge of the map, including specific locations, gradually sticks to your memory. Having a team member who is not well informed about certain locations puts your team at risk, necessitating communication. You need to alert your teammates of a close-by enemy that either endangers them or has to be killed. Most importantly, you must always communicate your location to your teammates.

You don’t have to go around with a loadout containing weapons that don’t meet the gaming objectives. Weapons in the game have different variables, including fire rate and effective range, that determine their strengths and weaknesses. For example, while shotguns should serve you better in close-range fights, you need a sniper rifle for longer-distance kills.

Also, your fighting style should be a determinant towards which weapons you stock up in your loadout. Make sure the gun you pick is the best fit for the situation at hand.


The addition of crossplay to the game not only erases the concern of having to be on the same platform. The tips provided above not only help you to connect with friends, it contains the recipe for making a great team. Thus, a step closer to becoming a pro. Also, you should never forget that teamwork makes the dream work, so strive to compliment your teammates.