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Nine Relaxing Games To Take Your Mind Off Bad Thoughts

Relaxing Games

Not everyone wants to end a hard day by diving into a brutal world of PUBG or Dark Souls. There are times when our brain begs to settle down on a cozy couch with a cup of tea and a nice relaxing game that will help take the mind off our problems and relieve stress.

If you want a distraction from the popular “battle royale” games that seek to take over all your free time, check out the relaxing games on our list. They will help reduce stress, get dopamine, and simply have a great time. You can find and install most of the game for free. Let’s get started.

1.  Journey

Incredible Journey tells about a strange world inhabited by fragile creatures. Following the light, players will explore ruins, descend into the gloomy grotto, bypass its dangerous inhabitants, understand the purpose of ancient machines and climb a mountain peak bound by permafrost. The game is perfect for those who do not know how to relax on their own. The gameplay is really calming even in the most dramatic moments and will not force you to make unnecessary efforts.

2.  Abzu

This is a game for relaxation, where you have enough time to explore the world and thoroughly research an ocean at a comfortable speed. The hypnotic waters of Abzu alternate with mysterious ruins that can’t wait to tell their silent stories.

3.  Botanicula

Another unusual adventure about strange creatures. The fairy-tale quest is extremely easy to master. It is not obsessive and does not require some serious mental work. Soft colors, clear humor, and unobtrusive sound design will brighten up the hours for players of all ages.

4.  An online game that suits everyone

If you want to have a great time, distract yourself from all the problems and also be able to make money online — casino games are a great choice for you. Today, gambling fans can easily find the latest no deposit casino bonuses and start playing without a big investment. For example, most sites provide newcomers with free spins and other interesting offers like free bingo Canada prizes and bingo with bonus promotions. Gaming platforms also offer a variety of games including poker, roulette, blackjack, and even the ability to play with a live dealer. In short, everyone will find something special and interesting.

5.  Mini Metro

As the boss of a growing subway, you begin by managing three stations and designing the tracks that connect them. Over time, new stations appear, marked with differently shaped symbols depending on their popularity with passengers. A simple, clear interface and a light, soothing soundtrack reduce your anxiety to a minimum.

6.  Need for Speed

This legendary computer game can now be played even on mobile devices. It is suitable for those who like to escape from problems using adrenaline and speed. Create the perfect car for racing, using an incredible variety of cars and their modifications. Win races, increase your reputation, and gain access to new locations.

7.  SimCity BuildIt

Here you play the role of the town mayor, who has to build his own city. As it develops, the needs of inhabitants will grow, and your task is to fully meet them, not forgetting to constantly develop your urban project. This game will also help you gain important management skills, which can be one of the aspects that may influence your profits.

8.  Train Simulator

Relaxing train simulations have recently become quite popular: the measured tapping of the wheels, beautiful scenery, and rails, drawing into the misty distance. Just once master the artless train control, and you can endlessly enjoy watching the world rushing toward your train.

9.  The Sims FreePlay

You probably know the rules of the game: create characters, build houses and live the ideal life. Also, complete exciting tasks that will allow you to unlock new places in Simtown and get more points. But be careful, the game can be addictive.


Relaxing games should not put too much strain on your brain. Also, they should not be too loud or require lightning-fast reactions like in most online games. And a light, melodic soundtrack needs to slowly immerse you in an enchanting world that deserves to be admired.

In our article, we have put together some great options that will definitely help to take your mind off all the negative thoughts. Most of the games are free to download and can be played right away. So do not postpone it, immediately install a favorite calming game and try it by yourself.

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