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Choosing an anonymous hosting provider

Choosing an anonymous hosting provider

In the modern era, anonymous hosting can give you a website, blog, or data storage that is untraceable when it comes to having an online presence. Anonymous hosting is a great option provided by some of the best hosting companies for individuals looking to preserve their identity and online privacy. As a result, you can rent an anonymous server that can be customized in any way you like without leaving any trail that might lead to you.

The anonymity of your hosted data can be easily accomplished since there is no need to provide a hosting provider with any personal information when signing up. Furthermore, anonymous hosting services accept only cryptocurrency payment methods, such as Bitcoin, to ensure that no personally identifiable information about the consumer is revealed.

Some of the best web hosting companies offer anonymous website hosting, which is ideal for individuals who wish to preserve their identity and online privacy. As a result, anonymous web hosting can give you an anonymous website or anonymous blog separated from your real identity. Given all of the surveillance and monitoring practices, it’s not surprising that more and more users consider privacy when selecting a hosting provider.

Finding the most suitable anonymous hosting provider to host a fully anonymous online project takes time. And if you are searching for the best anonymous hosting company, this article explains all the essential criteria you should consider before choosing one.

How do I choose the best anonymous hosting provider?

Choosing the best anonymous hosting company depends on a few crucial factors. To begin, a reputable anonymous hosting provider places a premium on privacy and, as a result, never requests personally identifiable information.

Simple registration procedure: Since you are paying for data protection, the registration process shouldn’t require any sensitive information like your name, phone number, or credit card details. Usually, all you need is just an email address. When signing up for an anonymous service, always use a separate encrypted email account that also won’t require personal details for setup. Never use your personal or business email account for any anonymous service.

Payment with cryptocurrency: reputable anonymous hosting even withholds all personal data regarding the payment process. When it comes to standard payment options, they are required to follow KYC criteria. And that’s why cryptocurrencies are the ideal way to pay for services. Cryptocurrency allows you to stay anonymous, and by following some simple steps, it can offer the same anonymity as cash. 

How you pay with cryptocurrency without exposing your identity

  • Even many crypto exchanges must follow KYC standards. Therefore, if you’d like to stay anonymous, never link your bitcoin wallet to such services. 
  • Also, avoid BTC ATMs’ cash withdrawals from wallets that you want to keep anonymous.
  • Try to obtain bitcoins without ID verification. Look for a crypto platform that allows for cash transactions or a way to pay for crypto directly or in person. 
  • For each new transaction, always generate a new wallet, this way, it will be harder to link your payments.

Anonymous domain registration

When you register a domain name, always look for anonymous domain registrars. Anyone can read your contact information on the WHOIS public database if you don’t register your domain anonymously.

Many domain registrars, including GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Hostinger, charge for the domain privacy service. Registering your domain anonymously will protect your contact information from appearing in the WHOIS directory. 

Anonymous hosting registration

When registering for an anonymous hosting service, use a VPN or Tor browser to ensure that your information, such as your IP address and location, is kept private and not shared with the hosting provider. When using a VPN or Tor, your IP address is hidden, and your internet activities become untraceable. Ideally, you can use both services simultaneously and stay well protected from any monitoring practices or location pinpointing.

Your desired anonymous hosting company must also offer the standard features required for excellent hosting. Features like backups, snapshots, easy upscale, ample storage and bandwidth, and top-notch site speed are must-haves. 

When choosing the right hosting service, it’s essential to look for an anonymous hosting provider that respects your requirement for privacy and anonymity. Only anonymous hosting providers well understand the need to protect their client’s privacy and anonymity. With anonymous hosting, it is possible to host your data while keeping your personal information private.