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CISSP Concepts – Trusted Computing Base/TCEC, ITSEC and Common Criteria


As the name suggests, TCB establishes the safety of an electronic computer (e.g. a computer). In different words, TCB defines a security profile together and can| and can} give an electronic computer will maintain the confidentiality, integrity and handiness of the information residing thereon system.

TCSEC (Trusted PC Security analysis Criteria) a kind of term for TCB

The term TCB was coined by the United States Department of protecting the Orange book – this book was a part of the Rainbow Series of books that connect many Servers security standards and tips. The Rainbow Series of books was noticed by the United States Department of Defence itself.

SECURITY Requirements

Reference Monitor

This term means that (at a theoretical level) that everyone subject to an object is controlled. It creates quite a management security policy around an electronic computer.

Security Kernel

This term means to the monitor with an intention that it’s the physical implementation (to be remembered) of the access management security policy (Reference Monitor).

Security Domain

This term means that establishing the access management security policy by grouping the objects a user will access into a better place.


This stands for information Technology – Security analysis Criteria. It was founded from the EUROPIAN countries keeping in mind the TCSEC assessment criteria. The ITSEC factor is helpful enough with the safety operations with – all those operational effectiveness of the safety function for a length of your time.


As the United States had TCSEC so the EU had the ITSEC, the development in IT asked them a better platform for computing/ technology security analysis. The Common data analyzing factors were adopted because of any security issues arising. Every company has been given a set of guidelines so they have to share their security requirements. This is often kind of like bobbing up with a demanded document. Within the common criteria framework – these are the Protection Profiles (PPs). Technology suppliers will then implement such features with the support of testing laboratories will get their product (“Target of evaluation” in Common Criteria) made to ensure that it works out if work to beat the heat like everyone.

Similar to TCSEC and ITSEC, Common set of rules that are just strict rating criteria. Once the whole baptism process is completed with success, a merchant achieves Common Criteria rating for the launched product. The Common Criteria uses a worldwide data-keeping system than the traditional ways of keeping data. It is a package of specifications that has got to be met for a product to get the corresponding rating. These ratings and provide a good assurance in the Assurance Levels (EALs). Once a product gets a form of rating, customers will read on Evaluated Product List (EPL).


TCSEC, ITSEC and each of the 3 security kinds (That one is what we have to learn about the review for  CISSP) shows every security requirements of what we need to focus on to keep the data safe, and relying upon the available resources to do so, a rating is assigned to them.

TCSEC was replaced by the ITSEC that was later replaced by the world security analysis framework – Common Criteria.  The author may be skilled at CSM training among Cyber Management Alliance’s coaching pool. He’s CM-Alliance’s CISSP/CISA/ISO 27001/SOX/Information Risk Management/SAP Cybersecurity trainer. He should have done mastery in Business Administration (Finance), together with qualifications in pc Engineering, CISSP training, CISA, ITIL (expert), COBIT (foundations), and SAP security.

Trusted ADP system analysis Criteria (TCSEC) may be a US department of defence (DoD) normal that talks about assessing the effectiveness of computers to detect any virus which is set in the ADP system. The TCSEC was created to estimate and choose pc systems being thought of for the process, storage, and retrieval of sensitive or important data. The TCSEC, often make use of the Orange Book, is that the centrepiece of the DoD Rainbow class. At first issued in 1983 by the National pc Security Centre (NCSC), associate degree arm of the National Security Agency, then updated in 1985, TCSEC was eventually replaced by the Common Criteria international normal, found in 2005.

The simple security rule is enforced to confirm at a lower security level cannot read the information that resides at the next level. The rationale this kind of rule is placed into place is to guard the confidentiality of the information that resides at the upper level. These rules are made in the Bell-LaPadula model. Keep in mind that if you see “simple” in a very rule, it pertains to reading, whereas * or “star” pertains to writing.