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Create Impressive Sites with a Magician WordPress Theme from TemplateMonster


Magic shows always attract many people. Magic tricks can be very impressive and astonishing – from objects disappearing to escaping. However, any show needs a good promotion campaign. It is important to tell people more about it and make them want to come. If you are a magician and want to promote your show, then you should consider creating a website. Of course, building a site from scratch requires time, skills, and knowledge. WordPress is a very popular system of content management. It allows you to create and manage sites. It has tools to add or remove content. However, you need to create the website design. It is the reason why you should consider using a magician WordPress theme from TemplateMonster. A template simplifies website building and makes it faster. It means that you can focus more on other aspects of your work. For example, you can pay more attention to the show and new tricks.

Doing Magic with Magician WordPress Themes

Please consider the following to understand why using a theme is a good idea:

  • Creating the design from scratch, you need to know how to place all visual elements properly. The page should not look cluttered. Adding only a few UI elements is not a good idea either. In this case, people may have trouble accessing the required information.
  • It is important to choose the colors properly. You can ruin the style by using too many or too few tints.
  • A site should have various elements, like buttons, menus, search function, gallery, etc. To improve the style, you may want to add different features, like the depth effect or parallax. It means that you need to implement various functions. WordPress is an open platform that attracts many developers who create different plug-ins. However, you still need to find and install the required plug-in.

Themes can do magic – they help get an impressive site from nothing. Templates come with an exceptional professionally-made design. Please remember that templates are flexible, and you can modify them easily. You can avoid editing them at all. In this case, you need to add your content (photos, text). Note that you may customize them completely by adding or removing different components.

You can also install additional plug-ins to have the functionality you need. Templates are the ideal basis for your projects, no matter how complex they are.

Free vs. Premium Magician WordPress Themes

Some templates are free, and it is tempting to download and use them. Please consider the following before starting using a freebie:

  • The free templates’ design may look too simple. Of course, you can customize the style and make it look impressive, but you need time and skills.
  • Freebies may lack the required features. You can install different plug-ins, but it requires time.

At the same time, it is wrong to think that free products are useless and you must avoid them. Such products are good for certain cases. For example, when you want to build a very simple site.

Premium products are ideal for everything – from simple blogs to complex online stores with dozens of product types.

Magician WordPress Themes for Everyone

The versatility of templates allows you to use them for various commercial and non–commercial projects.

Magician WordPress templates are ideal for magicians who want to promote their shows and attract more visitors.

Such themes are ideal for personal blogs where you teach people how to do various magic tricks. Note that templates are great for stores selling everything required for magic shows, like:

  • Magic kits.
  • Guides and tutorials.
  • Puzzels
  • Coins
  • Cards
  • Top hats, wands, flowers, and more.

You can easily adapt a template to your needs. Note that most of TemplateMonster’s themes are compatible with visual page-builders. They allow you to customize the design using a user-friendly application. You can quickly add the required elements and place them where you want. You may also edit their parameters to achieve the desired look.

Templates are good for everyone. Note that they come with detailed documentation. It includes all the data required to build a unique website.

Advantages of a Magician WordPress Theme

TemplateMonster’s products have many features that ensure their versatility. The themes have such advantages as:

  • Performance optimization – the site loads fast and runs smoothly.
  • Mobile-friendly – all elements work properly on various devices, like phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Retina-ready – every visual component looks clean and sharp on high pixel density screens.
  • Different layouts of headers and footers – customize the top and bottom page sections.
  • Gallery – upload photos from shows to demonstrate how impressive they are.
  • WPML – make your website available in different languages.
  • Background videos – make the site look dynamic by using a video as a background instead of a solid color.
  • Clean and commented code, parallax (the depth effect), smooth animation, lazy load effect, blog, Google Maps, etc.

Promote Yourself with a Magician WordPress Theme

As a magician, you may want to promote your shows, and a personal site can help you with that. A professionally-designed theme makes website building easier. Note that such templates are ideal for many other projects, like blogs and online stores.

Be sure that TemplateMonster can also help you. Please note that you can buy services. For example, professionals can help you install and customize a template. They can also help you promote and optimize your website. TemplateMonster is always ready to help you no matter what problems you face.