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Digital transformation with state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions

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Amid the explosive phase of the industrial revolution 4.0, a digital transformation is no longer an option but an inevitable development trend. Integrating technology and digital tools into an organization’s business processes and digitizing data results in increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience and satisfaction, and greater competitive advantage in an unpredictable market. Those advantages are undeniable, but many businesses struggle to know where to start, how to keep their core values, or fear that digitalization will completely change their business model. Meanwhile, more advanced businesses start their transformation with the support of reliable business intelligence solutions providers. One of the driving companies in the global digital transformation and the traditional information technology market is Avenga. The services Avenga provides are not just software packages but advanced solutions that enable the transformation of data into viable and wise business decisions requiring the fewest time and resources. So who is Avenga, what do they do, and how do they help your business? Scroll down to the next section for details.

Who is Avenga?

At the end of 2019, with the expectation of transforming industries and expanding internationally, Avenga launched with the perfect amalgamation of four IT giants, including Kontrakt, Sevenval, CoreValue, and Solidbrain, combining a great background of experience and power. A team of more than 2500 experienced professionals in the fields of information technology and digital transformation quickly put Avenga at the top of the market with business solutions for a wide range of industries like pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, automotive, and real estate. Currently, Avenga is present in more than 18 locations spanning most continents, such as Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

How do Avenga’s business intelligence services help?

Avenga’s business intelligence offers solutions related to the client’s current challenges. The most advanced technology is applied, which allows the creation of visually appealing data insights, reporting the information on a comparative basis, and analyzing the change between current and historical information. As a result, companies can make data-enabled decisions quickly, enhance their performance, and identify the most suitable development orientations with available resources.

1. Visual data representation on the dashboard

All insights, including structured and unstructured data, are represented in charts, diagrams, scorecards, and spreadsheets. Forget the days of calculating and comparing each indicator on tedious and confusing data tables! With the help of Avenga’s business intelligence solutions, managers of companies can see the big picture, real-time business overview, and details in one dashboard. Advanced algorithms allow even the most complex data to become intuitive. The dashboard interface is said to be handy and user-friendly, with internal sharing capabilities.

2. Data aggregation and reporting

For businesses, it is undeniable that “a miss is as good as a mile”. However, traditionally, the synthesis of data from many different sources, which may not follow a common format, is inevitable to errors, lack of information, and time-consuming. Avenga provides enterprises with automated reporting tools, reducing time and ensuring information about the company’s day-to-day operations is reflected most exactly. Managers and executives of the organization can accurately grasp the operation situation, define opportunities, and plan development strategies by the orientation and vision of the business in a favorable way.

3. Data Analytics Warehouse and Data Lake

Every business needs a prudent solution to store data for related queries and analysis in the future after a period of operating.

Avenga experts set up a data warehouse system that tailored-fits the current needs and future goals of any business. Historical data traceability and sophisticated analytics technology make assessing companies’ challenges and opportunities easy and efficient.

Meanwhile, the data lake tackles managing and ensuring the safety of large volumes of data. Processes that organize data by layers and priority levels as well as link data sets from different sources help streamline business processes and strengthen internal communication and information flow. Avenga ensures to optimize and improve the efficiency of the company’s existing BI solutions, keeping the company’s operations and reporting neat and logical, serving the needs of growth and strengthening its position in the market.

4. Predictive analytics with high-quality information

Avenga provides its customers with the tools to process information and turn it into valuable predictive analytics. Input data is managed according to an intelligent operating model, giving the highest level of accuracy, consistency, completeness, uniqueness, and timeliness. As a result, it unleashes the potential of high-value insights, not only in the application to interactive processes or long-term operations but most importantly, in guiding businesses to make sensible decisions and strategic predictions.

How to get BI services from Avenga?

Avenga business intelligence solutions are comprehensive and effective tools for any organization in digital transformation and long-term development planning. All services are provided based on the highest industry standards and are personalized for each organization. To get the best operating optimization and business orientation solutions that are in line with the development of the market in the 4.0 era, you can take the following steps to get the fastest support.

  • Send a service inquiry. Contacting the Avenga team can be done via email, Zoom, or phone number and is guaranteed to be responded to within 2 hours.
  • Discuss requirements. Depending on your company’s actual needs, you will be arranged to connect with an experienced professional representing the appropriate field to discuss specifically the expectations or problems your business is facing. From there, Avenga offers optimal business intelligence solutions.
  • Get a quote. After assessing needs and agreeing on suitable services, you can acquire a full quote, including services, the price for each item, and the time required for each phase, within 7 working days.
  • Solution design and delivery. Business intelligence solutions will be designed accordingly as soon as the business agrees to the service quote from Avenga. Implementation progress will be regularly reported by the development team, ensuring solutions are delivered as per request.