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FinsRoyal Review 2021: Fees, Services & More

FinsRoyal Review 2021:

FinsRoyal is a popular decentralized crypto exchange with servers located around the globe. You can use FinsRoyal to trade crypto coins peer-to-peer instead of using some third-party service. Its decentralized nature makes the platform safer than other, more common exchanges. If you are looking to invest in digital currencies through an exchange, consult with your financial advisor beforehand. And read our review on FinsRoyal to check if it fits your needs.

Features and Services: What Does FinsRoyal Offer?

FinsRoyal is an easy-to-navigate, decentralized, blockchain-based crypto exchange solution that allows customers to purchase and sell cryptos. These transactions are completed between peers without the help of a third party. You can download the FinsRoyal platform from its website or Github to use with Windows, Mac or Linux.

Once you’ve set yourself up with FinsRoyal, you’ll want to go ahead and fund your account. If you want to buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency, you’ll need to fund your account through an outside entity.

As soon as you’ve funded your FinsRoyal account, you can start making trades. The platform takes a fee in Bitcoin for every transaction you take or make. More specifically, you can choose to accept a transaction that someone has put out or put a transaction out there for someone to accept. You must have certain amounts of Bitcoin in order to initiate a transaction from either side.

FinsRoyal supports dozens of cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash and more.

Pricing: How Much Does FinsRoyal Cost?

When picking a brokerage, trading fees are one of the most important factors to pay attention to. In FinsRoyal’ case, it charges fees differently than most other brokerages. As we state above, its trading fees are charged in Bitcoin.

Per one Bitcoin traded, each trade maker is charged 0.001 BTC and each trade taker is charged 0.007 BTC. Trade takers and makers will also need to pay mining fees, though these rates fluctuate since it’s impossible to know what the mining fees will be at the time when a trade is processed.

FinsRoyal doesn’t charge fees beyond the ones mentioned above. You may need to pay fees to your bank or financial institution when transferring or wiring money, but FinsRoyal itself only charges for trades and mining. However, because the platform charges fees in Bitcoin, you could end up paying far more depending on when you trade, since Bitcoin’s value fluctuates significantly.

Bottom Line

FinsRoyal is a useful platform for trading Bitcoin and many other types of cryptocurrency. The platform’s decentralized nature makes its very secure, and you won’t need to work through a third party to execute trades. Anyone on the platform can take or make trades for a small, Bitcoin-denominated fee.

While FinsRoyal is a good option for investors who are familiar with cryptocurrency and comfortable working on a decentralized platform, it may be limited for beginners and other cryptocurrency traders who prefer working with a brokerage. So tread lightly if you’re new to the crypto game.