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Five Steps to Pass Your LSAT with Flying Colors

LSAT with Flying Colors

Getting into law school is one of the first major hurdles for anyone with aspirations to become a lawyer. To get into law school, you need to pass the LSAT. Like the SATs, of course, passing isn’t enough. To get into the top law schools, you’ll usually need to be the best of the best, and yes, that does mean getting top LSAT scores on top of having a stellar GPA and a personal resume.

The good news is that since the LSAT is a standardized test, you can absolutely pass it on the first try and get amazing results just by using these top five steps and committing to the process.

1.   Take an LSAT Prep Course or Study Guide

The best way to pass the LSAT is to simply understand the LSAT. A good way to do this is to start by taking a prep course or getting a comprehensive study guide. Going through such a program (either in a class or online) can help you understand the logic and pace of questions behind the exam.

2.   Rewrite Notes into Your Own

When it comes to creating your own notes from a study guide or alternatively from a relevant class, you’ll want to rewrite what you are learning into your own words. A good way to do this is to explain the concept to yourself. Use examples that help you understand, write in a language that helps you read faster, and so on.

3.   Revise Daily

Go through your notes every day. As time goes on, you’ll be able to start summarizing what’s in your notes instead of reading directly. This is how you’ll know that you have finally started to properly memorize what’s in your LSAT prep notes, and since you rewrote them into your own words, you’ll actually understand the content too.

4.   Take the Practice Test

The best way to prepare for the test is with the LSAT practice test. Take these practice tests after you’ve finished your study guide or course and have made headway in memorizing your notes. How early you start depends on you. You may start practicing with mock exams a month before your real LSAT or even a week before. Though there’s no hard or fast rule, starting earlier does take pressure off you.

5.   Boost Your Brain Health

Finally, know you will need your brain on your side to do your best. What this means is simple: stay healthy. Aim to cut out processed foods and those high in salts, sugars, and fats at least two weeks (or more) before your exam. In their place, add more brain-boosting foods to your diet, drink more water, and try to be strict with your bedtime and wake-up routines. All of this can help you keep your brain and body as sharp as possible. Then, the night before, do not revise. Instead, relax, get an early night’s sleep, have a healthy breakfast in the morning, and go to your exam with plenty of time to spare. This will help you physically be at your peak when taking the exam.