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How are pressure sensors used in airborne engines?

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Unlike the usual automotive engines, an airborne engine must be thermodynamic and have high-performance indices. To ensure the sensor works effectively each time, there must be ways to monitor it at all times.

Pressure sensors come in handy for times like these. Knowing what areas need a pressure sensor will ensure that you make use of it effectively. Herein is how a pressure sensor is used in an airborne engine.

To monitor the air pressure intake

For the engine to work, you need to ensure that there is enough air intake. In the vent, if the air intake is not enough, then there will be no combustion in the engine. Engineers install pressure sensors since this cannot be monitored while an aircraft is airborne.

These pressure sensors will notify if there is not enough air intake and ensure enough air and fuel to enable combustion, which is necessary for the engine to use up the fuel. They also adjust the airflow so the engine works without a hitch.

Pressure in the hydraulic systems

For an airborne engine to work, the hydraulics must work perfectly. With the plane, this will include the brakes and the control panel. Without well-functioning hydraulics, all these systems that determine how safe it is to fly will not function well.

A pressure sensor will monitor how these systems work and send an alert in the event of a malfunction. With that, issues get fixed in good time and prevent any accidents.

Monitor oxygen tanks

Planes come with oxygen to ensure the flight attendants and crew have enough to breathe. With these also comes the need to ensure that the air inside the plane stays pressurized during the entire flight. Pressure sensors are used to monitor all these levels. A drop or rise in the pressure in the plane can be catastrophic, so the pilot must ensure everything is okay.

Monitor engine oil

The only way to know how much engine oil is left is by looking at the pressure sensor in the airplane’s engine. Different engines have different types of pressure sensors, but they all ensure that the engine level is monitored and the engine consumption is monitored.

These sensors ensure that the rate of fuel consumption is okay. It will help detect any leakages based on how much fuel is used.

Most systems in an aircraft are monitored on a control panel. Since a lot goes on, it is easy to miss when something goes wrong. For this reason, many aircraft have so many sensors to monitor how different liquids are being used and alert the pilots and engineers if something is wrong.

Aircraft have different pressure sensors that ensure the different areas are working properly. Knowing about them goes a long way to ensure you know what needs to be checked out and which systems have an issue. It ensures that your aircraft is working optimally at all times.