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How To Choose The Right Proxy Provider?


Sometimes, you may rely on customer response and competition to determine your operating parameters, like pricing and profit margin setups, in business. Factors like these can, sometimes, necessitate you to perform comprehensive research, including web scraping. It can provide you with the data you need for crucial business decisions.

However, various restrictions, like geo-blocking, can limit your research scope. As such, it’d help to use proxies to do your scraping without interruptions or limits. Proxy providers can be crucial in your quest for comparative data. But, you’ll need to get the ideal provider who can meet your needs.

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If you’re dealing with sneakers, for example, and want to check what your competitors have, you can look at some of the best sneaker proxies to give you options you can use. With the increase in e-commerce, your customer base and competition aren’t necessarily within your location. Thus, getting a suitable proxy provider to allow extensive web scraping can be a deal-breaker.

The points below can help you choose the right proxy provider from the bajillion of options available in the market today.

  1. Consider Their Market Reputation And Legitimacy

Cybersecurity is a crucial factor in your Internet operations in the current technology environment. Therefore, you should ensure that your privacy and security won’t be compromised when choosing a proxy provider.

A proxy provider should be able to guarantee your privacy and operate within outlined data protection guidelines. For example, do their privacy ethics comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) guidelines?  You should also research and ensure that the service provider is a legal entity and not a random Internet user. Going through the provider’s website can help give you an insight into the privacy ethical code and guidelines.

It’d also help to visit review sites and check how other users rate the provider you intend to use. For example, checking the review of Bright Data can help you decide if you want to use it as your proxy provider. Overall, before you settle on a proxy provider, you should ensure that it’s reputable and is a legal entity, with operational ethics.

  1. Look At The Size Of The IP Pool

Even though some proxy providers may boast of being the best in the market, their Internet protocol (IP) pool might be small. With a small IP address pool, your project work might be restricted, and you can face frequent IP blocks.

Thus, while choosing a proxy provider, it’s vital to look at its proxy pool to ensure it can meet your requirements. When a proxy provider has a vast collection of proxies, you can access websites in different locations without the chance of getting blocked. Additionally, the large pool can also help you target sites by city or country more easily.

It’d be best also to check if the proxy provider meets your geo-location needs before making your final selection. It’s important to note that some proxy providers can allow you to select specific locations from a list. However, smaller providers restrict this and allocate proxies randomly. Thus, having this in mind in your proxy provider selection process would help you get your money’s worth.

  1. Check Their Customer Support

Proxy technology is labor- and tech-intensive, and requires constant monitoring. As a proxy user, you might encounter issues that need the proxy provider’s assistance or intervention. Therefore, it’s essential to have a provider that can give you round-the-clock support when you need it.

Furthermore, if a proxy provider allocates an account manager to its customers, that would be advantageous. You can use an account manager to understand the proxy technology better and ensure your core needs are adequately addressed. As the main point of contact, having an account manager means that you don’t have to explain yourself every time you have an issue. You only need to mention the problem and if it’s arising from previous encounters.

  1. Look At The Provider’s Dashboard

Getting access to your dashboard gives you access to various features of your account. You can check your usage statistics, change credentials, or buy more proxies from the dashboard. This would eliminate the need to contact the support team every time you want to check your account details.

Additionally, the dashboard can give you access to other features, like the proxy provider’s authorization method. For example, if a provider uses an authorization method, like IP address whitelisting, you’d expect some proxies to have higher pricing.

Furthermore, accessing the dashboard allows you to see what features you may have but don’t necessarily need. Even though some of the features might give you some extra value, it may increase your rate.


Given that the number of proxy providers in the market is vast, choosing the right one for your business may be a challenge. Each provider may claim to offer the best services. However, your final decision would rely on their reputation, the size of the IP pool, and if they have a 24-hour support system.