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How to Clean Windows and Make $11,000 Per Month

How to Clean Windows

Window washing is a great company to start because it allows you to be your own supervisor, requires little in the way of initial investment, has minimal administrative expenses, and has tremendous growth potential.

However, there is some preliminary work necessary, such as acquiring window-washing insurance and studying market rates.

Is window cleaning is profitable?

In a nutshell, a job washing windows can be very rewarding. It’s very lucrative because payments are made instantly, customers return frequently, and operational expenses are minimal.

Canvassing, estimating tasks, arranging appointments, customer support, and running day-to-day activities are all part of a window cleaner’s daily routine.

Successful window-washing business ownership requires a high level of sales and customer service skills. You also need to be in good physical shape and able to deal with some disappointment, particularly in the beginning when you are first learning to make unsolicited calls and canvass.

The average salary for a window washer is $11,000 Per Month. Window cleaners earn $30,000–$60,000 per year, depending on where they live. $15–$25 per hour. The typical beginning wage for a window cleaner in a high-rise building is $18 per hour. The typical home window washing task pays $180, so you can also think of your earnings in terms of work. Three jobs a day make $2,700 per week. Your service decides your company’s size and revenue.

You can increase your rates by offering cleaning bundles, or speed up your business with water-fed poles and window cleaning business software.

How much money is needed to launch a window-washing company?

A significant financial investment is not necessary to launch a window-washing company. If you have a car or truck, you can start a company for under $1,000. Tools, clean clothes, and other startup expenses will eat up the bulk of your funds at first.

Working from home and picking up new skills for nothing on YouTube are great ways to cut costs.

Make your company more systematic

You probably didn’t get into the window washing company, so you could spend your days doing paperwork. Ignoring them could destroy your firm.

Lost bills, meetings, and clients can ruin your business’s image and money. Early management of your company’s daily operations can save money and worry. Window-cleaning software makes organization simple.

The most crucial elements of window-washing as well as property management maintenance software are:

  • To centralize all of your customer information, quotes, and invoices, use a field service CRM.
  • Scheduling and sending out work orders to make the most efficient use of time and resources.
  • Create polished quotes on the fly, send them via email, and get instantaneous approval from customers, all without leaving the palm of your hand.
  • Billing and collecting funds, so you can get reimbursed quickly and pursue overdue accounts
  • This smartphone program lets you do that and more in the office or on the go.

Our workflow has been revolutionized by the request/quote/job method for processing new work orders. Our business would have been in a much worse position if we hadn’t found a way to centralize all of our past client inquiries, estimates, and completed projects in one convenient location.

Need Help Starting a Window Cleaning Company but Don’t Know How?

Not sure how to initiate a window washing company? If you can get past the fear of heights, the typical compensation for a window cleaning is quite high once you factor in all the extras. A thriving window-washing company can be built on nothing more than delivering excellent service and responding to customer feedback.

Launching a window-washing company may seem daunting, but we promise it will be worth it.