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How to Find the Best SEO Consultant in Singapore for Google Ranking

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As a business, you must be in a hurry to make a robust presence in the online world so your competitors get no or less time to beat your efforts. SEO is a vast area with bumpy rides, especially for a novice. The chance of hits and misses is equally high. The risks of going wrong can be manifold if you are alone. How do you get rid of this headache? The simple answer is you must find an SEO consultant. Their expertise, skills, and information about the constantly changing SEO landscape will help your website rank well on SERPs. But everyone promises to be the best. In that situation, it can be challenging to trust anyone. You can make a quick decision by grilling them on certain crucial aspects like backlinking.

A healthy website with high Google rankings will have an excellent backlink profile and visibility. But it’s not a cakewalk. A few missteps can damage your site’s name and performance. You can ask them about their approach in this area during your initial discussions to understand their depth. Their website will also discuss this method as part of their service. Check https://www.seosingaporeservices.org/google-seo-consultant-singapore once. However, before you meet someone, let’s know a few critical things about backlinking practices so you can judge their experience well.

Spammy backlink profile issues

One of the typical problems most businesses face in this area is the incoming links from sites with weaker domains, bad reputations, and poor content. These spammy backlinks can damage your site rankings, as Google will consider it a tactic to improve your position on the SERPs. That’s where backlink audit helps. Many tools are there to detect backlinks with their domain authorities and other parameters. An SEO person will be aware of those tools and know how to eliminate them.

Generally, there are two approaches to redemption. One is you can request the concerned website owners to remove backlinks. Some can be tough nuts to crack. They can negotiate for a fee in exchange for removal or ignore your requisition entirely. The other reliable method is the Disavow Tool to let Google know you have nothing to do with those spammers.

Keyword-rich anchor texts or too many same anchor texts

Another eyebrow-raising incident in this domain can be the improper utilization of anchor texts. Anchor texts refer to hyperlinks with clickable text materials. Unnatural use of such links on your website can make Google suspicious of your SEO effort. Your site can be at risk if it uses the same anchor body as backlinks in too many places. Or, you stuff anchor texts with many keywords. It will be a case of unnatural distribution of the anchor text. Your SEO expert will be able to investigate your backlink profile for this issue to determine whether there has been over-optimization or frequent use of the same anchor texts. At the same time, they can suggest better alternatives to rectify this error.

Again, there can be two options they commonly use in these situations. The consultant can recommend mixing anchor text with varied keywords and naked URLs to improve your backlink profile’s appearance. If it is a case of over-optimization, they can attempt to address it by revamping the content in the link. It can be possible to do this if that backlink belongs to your site. Otherwise, one has to make an outreach.

Irrelevant website links

Having links from websites without any content relevancy can harm your SEO health. SEO consultants can check your backlink profile for this specific problem as well. They know the right tools. When you talk to an agency, ask them what they use and how those tools help them. Also, you would want to know how they solve this problem. Typically, these matters require requesting those websites to remove your link with the explanation that the content theme is different. Or, you can disavow them if the first idea doesn’t work.

A few more insights – backlink profile monitoring

Committed SEO agencies will be concerned about your site’s backlink profile because they understand its impact on its visibility in SERPs. Hence, they will be proactive in this area. You can expect them to track all the incoming backlinks to determine their relevance and quality. Usually, they set up alerts for this for early detection. It minimizes the harmful effect. Several tools are there to help in this area. For instance, they can do this from your Google Search Console account.

Nevertheless, it’s just an example. As such, this tool doesn’t provide real-time updates. It only gives periodic sneak peeks. You can enquire if the agency has a mechanism for immediate alerts. Also, the agency should constantly monitor the quality and quantity of backlinks and whether or not they are toxic. While all these are one part of managing a backlink profile, the other half of the strategy includes publishing guest posts, reaching out to the relevant websites for a link back, promoting the content on social media, and generating share-worthy content.

You may be less aware of the intrinsic SEO details as a business owner. But an intelligent SEO person will be well-conversant. You can identify them by testing their knowledge. Pick a specific area like this and ask them detailed questions. You can throw some tricky questions, also. For instance, ask them what it means to have too many backlinks suddenly. Typically, this issue signals spam. Also, declining backlink numbers can be unhealthy; your SEO consultant should be able to point this out.

Budget management can be the main thing for small to medium businesses in Singapore or anywhere else. Hiring an in-house SEO person can limit your scope for improving your site’s rankings. Plus, the recruitment will be an additional ongoing expense. Alternatively, you can control this by delegating SEO work to an agency. They have all the tools and offer extensive support to keep your site on top of its game. You can trust their experience and skills. If you are still searching for an agency, look up Google or take a reference from your fellow people.