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How to Keep Your Pool Clean

Keep Your Pool Clean

You have to admit that if you want to clean your pool, it will take you several hours. If you are doing this for the first time, it will take you more than a day. The good thing nowadays is that there are many ways to clean a swimming pool.

With the help of professional cleaners, they can effectively eliminate the algae and bacteria in the pool area. A pool needs regular cleaning, and they usually drain it yearly. You can do the process or hire a professional service to do it.

1. Maintain the Pool Regularly

Regular pool maintenance means preventing it from turning green and untidy. It is essential to schedule your cleaning regularly to avoid costly emergency measures. If you want the best cleaning results, contact an expert like Mr Pool Man to handle your maintenance needs.

They have the best solutions to clean your pool without wasting much time. The process of cleaning will include the following:

  • Removal of debris
  • Cleaning the filters
  • Controlling the algae
  • Checking the equipment
  • Preventing contamination

These services are essential in doing regular pool maintenance.

2. Check Water Circulation

Water circulation is often an issue in above-ground swimming pools. It is easier for the algae to manifest quickly, which happens in the dead spots of the pool.

Common dead spots that cause bad circulation of water:

  • Behind ladders
  • Under skimmer
  • Around steps
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Creases of the liner

The swimming pool pump circulates the water, but these areas need proper circulation. One solution to keep these spots with proper water circulation is to set up multi-directional return jets. Doing this helps brush the pool and circulate the water manually.

3. Maintain the pH and Chlorine Levels

If you want crystal-clear water in your pool, maintain the exact chemical levels. The most important levels to check regularly include pH and chlorine. In killing the bacteria and germs in the water, chlorine plays a huge difference in keeping it clear.

While the pH level measures the water’s acidity and works with chlorine to keep the water clean. If the chlorine level is low, you must replenish the supply. Adding acid is necessary if the pH level is higher to maintain its minimum level. To reduce acidity, you can add sodium carbonate if the pH level is lower.

4. Use Only Tap Water in Your Pool

When filling your pool, it is advisable to use only tap water because it is safer. Water coming from wells or undergrounds may contain unwanted substances and minerals. They can discolor the water and affect the function of chlorine.

5. Skim the Water Regularly

If you want sparkling and clean water in your swimming pool, skim it regularly. Your filter can remove small particles but not the larger ones, which skimming eliminates. Allowing these large particles to sit on the water longer will make your pool cloudy and dirty.

Here are the common large particles to skim:

  • Insects
  • Leaves
  • Bugs
  • Twigs
  • Other debris

Regularly skimming the water can help remove different particles and keep your pool beautiful. You can do the process twice daily if you have a huge landscape.

6. Clean the Filter Properly

If the filter is properly cleaned, it saves money by not having costly equipment repairs. A clean filter keeps your loved ones safe because the water is refreshing. Because the filter only requires annual cleaning, you can set a schedule.

Part of the cleaning process includes the following:

  • Check the filter for wear and tear
  • Examine any replacement indication
  • Replace the filter (if necessary)

Some indications that you need filter replacement:

  • Does not function longer
  • Does not maintain the pH level
  • Needs regular backwash and clogs easily

These are clear signs that you need to replace the pool filter.

7. Cover the Swimming Pool

If you are not using the pool, it is best to cover it to keep the water clean. Covering the swimming pool can prevent insects and leaves from getting into the water. When you choose from the available items, get the best with high-quality materials. You must buy a cover that maintains the temperature of the water, easy to fold, and is budget-friendly.

8. Clean and Patch the Liner

You need to clean any dirt from the liner, especially if it reaches the above-water line. The same thing with any pinhole in the liner; you must fix the problem immediately. This simple maintenance helps you prevent further water leakage. Buy a patch kit for pools with an adhesive formulated for underwater use to patch the liner.

Have a Pool that’s Always Clean

There are hundreds of tips and methods to keep swimming pools clean and enjoyable. Following a regular schedule for maintenance, it saves you time and money. For example, using a dolphin pool cleaner can automate the process, requiring less effort while maintaining sparkling clean water.