How To Make Spy Computer Via Windows Spy Software

How To Make Spy Computer Via Windows Spy Software
Written by SML Kumar

In this period of chaos, no one has enough time to track their loved ones/employees all the time. Parents cannot spend all time with their kids, as they have to manage other things as well. Similarly, the business cannot monitor all employees every time to check what are they are doing, how they spend their duty hours, and how much sincere an employee with his/ her company.

Digital technology has reduced such worries by introducing amazing spy software. Spy software empowers the user to monitor anyone from anywhere and to get real-time information. It empowers the user to prevent their people from misdoing, or watching inappropriate content, bullying anyone or engaging in any harmful activity.

So many people used computers/ PCs at their homes and offices to perform professional tasks. But people also face trouble when their kids start watching useless content and waste their study time. Similarly, businesses face failure when their trustworthy employees leak their sensitive data to a competitor or an unknown person. So, among so many popular software, TheOneSpy is best, which is the leading software these days. TOS facilitate users with its unique services like its special windows spy software especially spies on the targeted window system.

Computer Monitoring with TOS Windows Spy Software 

TheOneSpy facilitates users by preliminary alerting about dangers. Its powerful features perform outstanding surveillance functions and enable the user to be updated about their loved one/ employee situation. Parents can detect what their kids hide from them, who is their secret friend and which useless sites they frequently visit etc. Likewise, an employer can evaluate any employee performance and can reward them according to their performance level. With TOS windows spying, a user can get all inbound and outbound activities to perform on the targeted window PC by the targeted person.

Here we will see the TheOneSpy features with are its strength.

Features of TOS for Windows Monitoring 

TheOneSpy provides 250 plus outstanding spying features which reliably track any Windows PC activities. We will discuss some advanced features that TOS has specifically made for spying on the Window system.

  • Surround Recorder enables the user to record the surrounding voices of the targeted PC.
  • Multimedia tracker empowers the user to monitor all saved and captured videos/ pics on targeted PC.
  • A user can also get access to all installed Apps/ software in the targeted PC.
  • Email tracker enables the user to read all sent and received a mail of the targeted window PC.
  • Social media trackers empower the user to spy on all social accounts of the targeted person.
  • Browsing history tracker gives access to user overall visited websites and bookmarked content. Users can block the most frequently visited harmful site by a single click.

How TheOneSpy Window Spy Software gets the edge over Other Competitive Software?

Nowadays, TheOneSpy is efficiently meeting the desire of almost 70% of people. It provides 2 main packages of solutions for parents and businesses in the form of digital parenting and employee monitoring. It gives value to its loyal customers by serving them with their unique services. Let’s look at how TOS is different from competitor spy software.

  • TheOneSpy help desk serves people 24/7 by giving satisfying answers to every question.
  • TOS Window spy software works smoothly with any version of Windows PC.
  • User can get user-friendly reports on demand according to their windows package.
  • User can take a screenshot by sending a single command at a cloud portal.

Pricing and Plan of TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software 

TheOneSpy plan for windows is the most usable plan, which is mostly adopted by the business for employee monitoring and by parents for kid’s digital activities monitoring. It provides 4 different packages, so the user can get anyone according to user demand. TOS also value their customers by offering special discounts at special events to make the event more charming. Now, TOS is offering 50% of flat discount on its all packages of the window plan. Let’s look at TOS after discount pricing of window spy software.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy software:

  • 1-month price is $40.
  • 3-month price is $60.
  • 6-month price is $80.
  • 12-month price is $110.


It turns out that TheOneSpy Windows spy software is a powerful tool with dynamic advanced spying features which can hack information efficiently and reliably. By getting benefit from TOS, a business can grow its productivity level and the parents can protect children from the wrong path.


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