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How to Promote Your Profile on Instagram Organically: The Best Method in 2024


Organic growth on Instagram in 2024: is it myth or reality? Many will say it’s a myth, because getting on that Explore page isn’t that easy. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to test various methods and find your key to success. But luckily, you can take the easier route and make the algorithms promote your blog.

How do you achieve this? You need to make followers like and comment on your posts. We know, you’re about to say: “Thanks Captain Obvious, it’s like we didn’t know that already!”. But the point is that you don’t necessarily need to launch ad targeting and try getting an active audience yourself. You can order Instagram profile promotion via specialized websites that help you gain real followers. As a result, your goal will be achieved: new followers will make your profile popular, the engagement rate of the existing ones will increase, and your profile will grow organically. Do you want to know how it works? We’ll show and tell you everything now.


The Zamupa marketing agency brings in a new audience using smart technologies. Real followers visit your profile and view your posts and like, comment, and share/save your content. Increased reach and engagement will speak to the popularity of your profile, and Instagram’s algorithms will start promoting it to the top of the search results.

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Service Features

The main tasks of analyzing and promoting the page are taken care of by the AI-based program. Thanks to this, the cost of the service remains affordable, and the results are still pleasing. Zamupa brings real Instagram users to your profile who live in the same area as you, speak the same language, and are probably interested in your content.

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The agency offers two tariffs. LITE is suitable for beginners, as it uses basic promotion tools. PRO implies a thorough approach to promotion with the use of ad targeting, mailing and influencer collaborations.

You can set the desired number of new followers manually. The number of likes and comments you get will depend on this. The more followers arrive, the more consistent is the growth of engagement rate and other metrics.

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Velesty is an Instagram promotion service but it’s not the promotion we all are used to hear about. There are no bots here: the platform works with its own base of Instagram users who follow customers’ profiles and interact with their content.

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Service Features

Velesty offers what you won’t find anywhere else: a follower retention guarantee. We all know that Instagram promotion services have two main issues: bots and high unfollow rates. And while we’ve already mentioned the former, the latter is still confusing. But you can relax with Velesty: the service doesn’t make your followers unfollow you in a couple of days. What’s more, when placing your order, you’ll need to specify the preferred follower retention guarantee period, from 10 to 100 days. During this time, your new followers will stay with you and continue to view, like and comment on your posts.

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The price here depends on the number of followers you want and on the length of the guarantee period. To estimate how much your promotion will cost, specify the number of followers you need. Below, you’ll see the estimated level of their engagement and on the right, you’ll see the price for your order.

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Buying an extended guarantee period isn’t just cost-effective but also highly beneficial. As your profile’s engagement rate remains consistently high, your profile will continue to be organically promoted by Instagram’s algorithms.

You to Subs

You to Subs is a platform that allows you to hire freelancers to promote your blog on Instagram. The principle is simple: you post an application on their website, and the specialized software selects suitable users from its database of freelancers. They follow you and interact with your content, which is necessary for your profile promotion: they watch Stories, Reels, and posts, like your content and leave meaningful comments.

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Service Features

The advantage of the method is that the freelancers are real people, not bots. They have personal Instagram profiles that meet all the quality requirements: a profile that’s at least 3 months old, a profile picture, personal photos in the feed, at least 40 followers and no more than 600 followings.

The program determines your location and language, and then displays your profile to freelancers who match these parameters. This guarantees that your profile will be visited by your target audience, not fakes or random people.

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The daily cost of You to Subs services ranges from $0.02 to $0.075 per follower. It all depends on how many posts you publish per week, as well as what kind of actions you want your audience to perform.

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The service suggests buying a mix of Active and Super Active followers. The difference between them is that the latter not only view your content and like it, but also leave comments of at least 15 characters and add you as a “Close Friend”. You can adjust the ratio of Active and Super Active followers manually, but if you entrust this task to You to Subs, you’ll definitely not exceed Instagram’s restrictions.

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The I-Famous marketing agency offers thew service of comprehensive Instagram promotion. It helps getting the audience that’as more likely to engage with your content.

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Service Features

I-Famous uses artificial intelligence to analyze your account, audience and competitors. This helps attracting specifically target audience that will view your content and like and comment on it. For this purpose, the agency uses various techniques including ad targeting and influencer collaborations.

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I-Famous offers five pricing plans, and each of them includes a certain number of followers, likes, and comments. The higher the price, the more analysis and promotion tools become available.

The platform mentions estimated follower engagement because your followers are real people and no one can force them to like your content and comment on it. The agency’s estimations are based on the average engagement values. It, however, guarantees that the minimum values will be achieved in any case. This is another proof that I-Famous doesn’t offer fakes or bots, which means that your profile will be promoted organically.

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How Safe Are These Methods?

They are 100% safe because they are fundamentally different from regular promotion techniques. Why does Instagram ban profiles? For mass inflow of bots and unusual engagement spikes. None of the services on this list uses fake profiles – we’ve already mentioned this. Any engagement you get from the followers they offer is as organic as it gets. This means that:

  • people will follow you over a few days, not within a couple of hours;
  • likes and comments don’t just appear in batches. You’ll get them in the course of a day;
  • your followers will come visit your profile from their own, not by following links on any third-party platforms like bots do;
  • these services control the number of engagements based on the number of followers you get and Instagram restrictions.

What about these platforms? Is their approach safe too? The answer is, once again, yes because:

  • you don’t have to share your Instagram authentication data;
  • there is no third-party software that connects to your profile to do mailings, spamming and mass following;
  • your personal data remains completely safe;
  • all payments are one-off deals, there are no hidden payments.

You can be sure that this method is not only reliable but also effective because:

  • it’s suitable for any types of profiles;
  • it helps promote your profile and improve your metrics;
  • it makes your profile look much more lively, which promotes your potential customers’ trust;
  • it offers organic promotion, thanks to which you get your target audience and new customers for free.

Start growing organically now and get great results soon!