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How to See Deleted Reddit Posts – Some Easy Steps

See Deleted Reddit Posts

When we are curious about a previous Reddit post that helped us or resonated with us and now we want to relive the experience, only to discover it’s been removed, it’s disheartening. Reddit doesn’t even offer any built-in feature that lets us see deleted Reddit posts. If you are going through this experience, this guide is for you.

Reddit has been the go-to platform for like-minded people to connect and share ideas and experiences. But even with its amazing community, they have to maintain a welcoming environment. Thus moderators remove any offensive post or comment that might violate community guidelines or hurt someone. But sometimes they might get deleted accidentally. Even in such cases, Reddit offers no built-in solution to access deleted content.

6 Ways to See Deleted Reddit Posts

Here is the list of web tools and websites that can help you recover and See deleted Reddit posts.

Note – You need the URL of the deleted Reddit posts you want to read to use these tools. In case you don’t know how to find it, we have covered you in the next section of the blog. Once you have the URL, you can continue with this process.


  • Go to the official Reveddit website.
  • You will see a single field on the home page. You can enter the user name, subreddit name, or URL of the post and click Go to proceed.

See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • If you enter the subreddit, you will see the list of deleted posts and comments posted under that subreddit. You can select the one you are looking for.
  • You can also replace ‘reddit‘ with ‘reveddit’ in the post URL.
  • After entering your preferred source, and clicking ‘Go’ you will be able to see deleted Reddit posts.


See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • In the search bar, on the homepage, enter the title or the username of the deleted Reddit posts you want to read and click on the ‘Search’ button.

See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • Here you will see the list of all the deleted Reddit posts or comments that match your search, click the one you want to read.

Note – Some less popular or older posts might not be available on the Resavr database.


Here are two ways to use Unddit to read deleted Reddit posts:

Using the URL

  • Go to Unddit.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the deleted Reddit post into the search bar and click ‘Undd it or press Enter You can see the deleted posts now.

Using Bookmark

  • Go to Unddit.
  • Drag the red ‘Unddit’ button to your bookmarks bar or right-click it and click ‘Bookmark this link.’

See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • Now, whenever you come across a Reddit post or thread where you want to see deleted comments or content, simply click on the Unddit bookmark in your browser.
  • Unddit will redirect you to an archived version of the Reddit post.


Simply go to the Removeddit website and paste the URL of the deleted Reddit post into the search bar. Then press Enter to See deleted Reddit posts.

Note – This third-party website archives and displays the deleted Reddit posts but it might not have the content that was removed quickly. Being a third-party website comes with some risks, so be careful while using it.

Wayback Machine

This tool is different from others as it captures snapshots of archived versions of the web pages. Here is how to use it:

  • Go to the official Wayback Machine.
  • Paste the exact URL of the deleted Reddit post into the search bar and click ‘Browser History’ or simply press the Enter button.

See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • Wayback Machine will display various snapshots in the calendar view available on that web page.

See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • Choose the time or date when the Reddit post was alive on the webpage. You will get a snapshot of the webpage with the deleted content available.

See Deleted Reddit Posts

Google Cache

  • On mobile devices, you need to use Google Chrome’s web version. For that click on the three-dot menu on the top right and select ‘Desktop site.’

See Deleted Reddit Posts

  • Now, search for the deleted post by entering its URL or username into Chrome’s search bar.
  • Click the three-dot next to the right search result and select the ‘Cached’ option.
  • You can check if Google has archived the page before it was deleted. If it has you can See deleted Reddit posts

How to Find the URL of the Deleted Reddit Posts?

Most of the above methods required the URL of the deleted posts to be read again. But it might be difficult to get this URL if the post is deleted right? Don’t worry, here are a few ways to get it:

  • If you have accessed that deleted post recently, you can get it in your browser history.
  • In case you have bookmarked the post, that’s the best way to get the URL in your bookmarked or saved items.
  • You can access the URL in your comment history if you have commented under that post.
  • Search for similar posts or keywords on Reddit where other users have quoted the deleted post.
  • Google the keywords or title and see if it still has that URL indexed.

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Here we conclude this blog. We hope this helped you to find a way to See deleted Reddit posts. But before using these tools, ensure you have the deleted post’s URL. If you don’t have it, check the above section to find it. It might feel a bit inappropriate at first to try to read those deleted posts considering they were removed for some reason. But it also applies when the user accidentally deletes the post and looks for a way to see it again. In any case, these third-party tools and websites are a great help to read deleted Reddit posts again. Let us know, which worked the best for you!


1. How to see deleted comments on Reddit?

Most of the above tools will help you see deleted comments on Reddit, including Wayback Machine and Google Cache. Follow the steps shared above in the blog.

2. Are deleted Reddit posts gone forever?

Yes, if you delete the Reddit post, its link will be there but the post will be deleted forever. But while they are no longer available on Reddit, various tools can help you See deleted Reddit posts, such as third-party archive services, browser caches, and search engine caches.

3. How to see deleted subreddits?

Unfortunately, once a subreddit is deleted, its content typically becomes inaccessible. Reddit does not provide a built-in feature to view deleted subreddits. However, you may still find discussions or references to deleted subreddits in other Reddit threads or through third-party archive services.

4. Does Reddit show deleted comments?

If the comment is deleted and nobody has replied to it, it will be gone forever. No matter if it’s self-deleted or removed by bots.

5. Why are Reddit posts deleted?

Reddit posts might get deleted due to various reasons including violating community guidelines and getting reported by others. Users sometimes delete their own posts.