Home Technology How to track an Instagram account activity?

How to track an Instagram account activity?

How to track an Instagram account activity

Instagram has been the most famous social media platform among the new generation, which they use for different purposes. Instagram is a platform to communicate with other people, but people are utilizing it to promote their business.

As Instagram is playing an important role in bringing the world on a single platform, in the same way, it is somehow threatening for youngsters, especially teenagers. Parents need to look at their accounts to check the activities they indulged in on Instagram. So, as a parent, you need to keep an eye on the account activities of your kids so that you can track them and their Instagram followers.

How to track an Instagram account activity

Everything you need to know about How to track an Instagram account?

Thinking about how can you track an Instagram account belonging to your children? No worries, you can trace their activities on Instagram in different ways, either by following them, using some tracking applications, or Snoopreport. All three ways are a good choice, but there is a need to understand at what time which way will be effective.

Here is the detail of each method to track an Instagram account to keep an eye on the activities of that particular person to whom this account belongs.

Simply by adding as a friend and follower on Instagram

The simple thing that you can do to track your children’s accounts is to become their friends and follower on Instagram. By becoming a follower on Instagram, you can easily keep an eye on your children’s activities if you go through the following steps.

·  You explore the followers’ list of the account.

First of all, you need to act like a friend on Instagram and not show you are keenly observing the account holder’s activities but doing so. Log in to your Instagram account and start investigating the following account.

Open the account holder’s account ID. Click on the followers and following list to check who is following this account and to whom this account is following. By doing so, you have a list of accounts your targeted account holder is following. Now, you can add the same followers and following list by clicking on the account users and sending those following requests, and get follower requests back.

This way, you will have some people in contact and can follow their posts. This simple way helps you to track the activities of your daughter or son easily if you do not make them realize you are stalking them on Instagram and they think you are violating their privacy.  It is important when it comes to How to track an Instagram account?

How to track an Instagram account activity

·  Make your account’s newsfeed section more active.

Once you have followed your child’s accounts, you need to keep yourself updated by looking into the newsfeed where you will be getting all information of every following account. You can view what his account has shared each day and what type of stuff it is sharing.

·  Keep updating the followers’ list by doing a comparison.

It is not obvious that the followers and following list remain the same all the time. Instagram account holders can add other accounts of their interest, so you need to be updated about the following and followers list. This would help you track each activity in a better way, and you can know what the account holder is doing on Instagram, whether indulged in good activities or your beloved one needs guidance about it.

By using tracking applications

It can be the solution for you when it comes to How to track an Instagram account? If you are not a friend on Instagram to the account holder you want to stalk, you can use some tracking applications to track their activities. What do you need to do to get all notifications of an Instagram account? You can easily do this by following the steps.

First, you need to get a membership in a tracking App.

When you are thinking of being a tracker and want to keep tracking the Instagram accounts of your children, you need to become a member of that tracking app as most of them are paid. You will need to pay for it to get access. So, choose an app that is not much expensive.

Then grab the phone of the user.

Next, grab the phone of the user you want to track on Instagram. Yeah, it seems against morals and ethics, but it is not when you are doing it as a parent and want to track your kids’ activities to keep them away from bad things. So, it would help if you grabbed the phone in their absence, and the major thing is to unlock it.

Then install the tracking app with your membership link

When you have the phone of an Instagram user, you should download the tracking app for which you have already paid. By using the same link or by getting access to your paid version of the app, download it on your kids’ phone. Usually, the tracking apps do not have icons, so they will not be visible to the phone holder.

In the end, connect it with your account.

In the end, do connect this application with your Instagram account so that you can get each notification of the Instagram account you want to track.

By using Snoopreport

After manual tracking and tracking apps, you can try a third alternative: Snoopreport. Snoopreport is an online tool that you can use to track one or several accounts on Instagram.

· First, do Signup to use this useful online tool.

The first step to getting access to Snoopreport is to sign up for this tool to make it your friend. You can sign up by using your email address but be sure to use an email address you have not shared with the person you want to track.

· Next, look forward to the packages to purchase

The next step is to choose the package. Snoopreport is also a paid online tool, and it offers different packages per month and account. You can freely choose the package with tracking one account only or many accounts like hundreds of accounts daily.

How to track an Instagram account activity

·  Then, start tracking the accounts you want to

Last, you need to connect with the accounts you want to track. It will collect information about the Instagram account you want.


You can track an Instagram account very easily either by becoming a friend on Instagram if the account is private or by using some tracking applications.  We hope you know How to track an Instagram account after reading this guide.