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How to Write a LinkedIn Profile That Will Help You Stand Out

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is about new connections, networking, and, of course, job hunting. If you want to get noticed out there, you have to make an effort.

A solid LinkedIn profile means no less than a good resume; it takes your name in front of hundreds of other professionals and is a catalyst for finding people for your career advancement.

In this article, we will explore how to make a LinkedIn page that draws everybody’s attention, says the right things, and helps you to connect with employers who offer new career opportunities. Let’s start!

Make a Noticeable Headline

The headline is the first thing people see underneath your picture (which has to be clear and formal). It is a brief overview of your career paths and your main accomplishments. Once it draws the attention of recruiters, it can make your way as a job seeker easier.

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A headline is just 120 characters long, so you must ensure it resonates with your career perspective. Finally, pick a target audience: whether you’re writing for industry peers, hiring managers, or customers, don’t waste time on exclusions.

Engage with Others in Summary

Here is an opportunity to tell a story. A summary expands your professional ambitions and gives a space to highlight your strengths. You can dive in deeper because you have 2,000 characters available to work with.

The first piece of advice: don’t focus on past work experience only. Use the keywords connected to your field, and paint a precise picture of who you’re as a specialist.

Use the Visuals

We’ve mentioned the headshot; no doubt, you’ll want to use it to make a profile visually appealing. But do you remember the background image? How about picking a theme that speaks to your personality?

The same applies to highlighting your work experience: use company logos to draw attention; attach a portfolio if you belong to the creative field so people can easily navigate your past projects.

Create a Customized URL

URL is a unique address to your LinkedIn page. Another detail that won’t go unnoticed: by making it clear, you’ll make a profile much more memorable.

By default, it consists of your name with some random numbers and letters; in a matter of seconds, your profile becomes search engine friendly; it makes recruiters think of you as a detail-oriented person who understands the power of visual representation.

To customize an URL to your LinkedIn account, go to the right side of the profile. Then, follow the brief instruction to edit a URL so it looks neat afterward.

Highlight Your Skills

It seems overwhelming for most candidates, but it’s vital. That’s why you can create a LinkedIn page in a day; you have to think through and pick the best part of your experience to highlight you as a true professional.

Don’t just copy-paste the information from your resume; it’s a common mistake that won’t help you land a job. Instead, use action words for your responsibilities and accurate results your future employer can focus on.

Here’s the list to get you started:

  • Use bullet points
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Include more numbers and fewer general expressions

Expand Your Professional Community

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the greatest matchmaking platforms for people to make new connections. As soon as you finish setting up a profile, go ahead and find your former colleagues, inspirational people, and recruiters who actively search for candidates.

Aim for at least 500 connections: so that when anybody takes a pick at your profile, they won’t see the exact number. Just the mark “500+ connections”, meaning you’re a true LinkedIn player.

Begin finding individuals who you know, or you’ve met with; then move to people living in the same region or doing the same job as you do; finally, try contacting someone you’ve never met, but don’t forget to send a note explaining your request.

Gather More Recommendations

And here’s why you need to connect with a bigger number of people: those who’ve met you in person can confirm your expertise. So it’s critical for your LinkedIn page to stand out, and it’s even better for recruiters than putting in a list of jobs.

Plus, you can try writing recommendations for other people yourself! It’s good karma to endorse other people’s skills and get something nice in return!

If you don’t know how to ask for a recommendation, go to LinkedIn ‘Help’ field below the ‘Me’ icon.

Keep a High Profile Activity

LinkedIn is about constantly connecting with people; it’s not a resume to fill out with information and leave alone. So after you create a profile, make sure you visit it at least three times a week. Read the posts, leave comments, and share insights that resonate with you. You can also buy LinkedIn followers to get more people interested in your profile.

In addition, you can join groups to exchange professional experience. So no matter your professional interests, whether IT or marketing, there are groups out there where you can meet your future peers.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is an important part of your career path. It’s a nice place to interact with colleagues, gets new qualifications, and even land a new job. This page is the first part most recruiters check before they commence the interview. Therefore, keeping it neat is your responsibility.

Get a nice headshot; take care of an objective and summary, and don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Finally, take every opportunity to tell about yourself and introduce your expertise to the world through social media.

And if you don’t feel confident setting up your LinkedIn profile, contact TopResume writers for help. We’ll make sure to match it with your expertise and create your account as a window to new career opportunities.