Home Technology https real debrid com device – Application Authorization of Real-Debrid

https real debrid com device – Application Authorization of Real-Debrid

https real debrid com device

https real debrid com device: Loading applications and Kodi Addons can experience less streaming when Real-Debrid is enabled. On the other hand, using Real-Debrid ensures the best download links for press documents and other content.

https real debrid com device

When you enable Real-Debrid a Kodi add-on or loading software, a slew of new options and links become available.

Users can enjoy buffer-free viewing with Real-Debrid by integrating it into their favorite loading software for less than $5 per month.

To achieve the best photograph and sound quality, Real-Debrid is frequently used in conjunction with loading applications and Kodi add-ons.

https real debrid com device

The Real-Debrid authorization signal is provided by the third-party software to which you are attempting to connect your account.

Because authorization requirements change every two seconds and are very different for each software that you want to authorize, they are not used or supplied after payment.

– Please visit https://real-debrid.com/device to authorize third-party software on your account.

– To view or remove authorizations previously created on your account, please visit https://real-debrid.com/devices.

If you have forgotten your username, please visit our website and use the associated purpose “Forgot my password“: https://real-debrid.com/forgot.

https real debrid com device

Your username will be included in the e-mail that will be sent to you shortly. (Dear your username) If you have forgotten your code or are unable to log in, please use the following purpose on our website: https://real-debrid.com/forgot

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Real-Debrid API Documentation

Implementation details

  • Namespaces (for example, “unrestrict“, and “user“) are used to group practices together.
  • HTTP verbs supported include GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. If your customer does not support all HTTP verbs, you can use the X-HTTP-Verb HTTP header to override the verb.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the method’s certification, all effective API calls return an HTTP signal 200 along with a JSON object.
  • Errors are indicated by an HTTP signal 4XX or 5XX, as well as a JSON subject containing the words “error” (a problem message) and “error code” (optional, an integer).
  • Every line sent to and received from the API must be UTF-8 encoded. Normalize to Unicode Normalization Variety C (NFC) before UTF-8 encoding for maximum compatibility.
  • The API supports the If-None-Match header and sends ETag headers.
  • Appointments are formatted following the date.toJSON Javascript method.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all API strategies necessitate authentication.

API methods

The Sleep API’s base URL is:


GET /disable_access_token

Eliminate current entry small

GET /time

Get host time

GET /time/iso

Get host amount of time in ISO


GET /user

Get current user data


POST /unrestrict/check

Check always a link

POST /unrestrict/link

Unrestrict a link

POST /unrestrict/folder

Unrestrict a folder link

PUT /unrestrict/containerFile

Decrypt pot record

POST /unrestrict/containerLink

Decrypt pot record from link


GET /traffic

Traffic information for restricted hosters

GET /traffic/details

Traffic precisely applied hosters


GET /streaming/transcode/id

Get transcoding links for a given record

GET /streaming/mediaInfos/id

Get press information for the given record


GET /downloads

Get the user download number

DELETE /downloads/delete/id

Eliminate a link from the download number


GET /torrents

Get user’s torrent number

GET /torrents/info/id

Get Infos on torrent

GET /torrents/instant availability/hash

Get a listing of quickly available record IDs

GET /torrents/active counts

Get currently productive torrent quantity

GET /torrents/Available hosts

Get available hosts

PUT /torrents/add torrent

Add torrent record

POST /torrents/addMagnet

Add magnet link

POST /torrents/select files/id

Pick documents from a torrent

DELETE /torrents/delete/id

Eliminate a torrent from the torrent number


GET /hosts

Get supported hosts

GET /hosts/status

Get the position of hosters

GET /hosts/regex

Get all supported regex.

GET /hosts/regexFolder

Get all supported regex for folder links.

GET /hosts/domains

Get all supported domains.


GET /settings

Get current user adjustments

POST /settings/update

Upgrade a consumer placing

POST /settings/convert points

Change fidelity details

POST /settings/changePassword

Deliver verification e-mail to alter the code

PUT /settings/avatar file

Distribute avatar image

DELETE /settings/avatar deleted