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IT Specialist Self-Revelation or How I Became a Full Stack Developer for One Year

IT Specialist

My name is Aaron, and I will immediately say that I never wanted to become an IT specialist. Initially, I worked in a completely different field. Still, once I got interested in creating websites and began to dream of becoming part of the dynamic and innovative world of IT.

A few years ago, I wanted to link my career with IT. Below, I will write about how I became a developer and how GoIT Full Stack courses helped me.

Finding suitable classes and learning the basics of programming

This stage is one of the most important. At the same time, many developers hope to pass it on their own, unaided. At the same time, they are looking for videos online and trying to learn theory and practice on YouTube videos.

I did my practical assignments and exercises to cement the theory. I also wrote simple programs, solved problems, and created small projects. It helped me, but I realized that something was missing.

But really, it’s the foundation that’s best taught in the classroom. That is why, after months of self-study, I decided to find a suitable programming course.

I chose GoIT because:

  • Analyzed the reviews on the Internet. I understood the main disadvantages and advantages of the company and compared several companies.
  • Saw GoIT awards and realized that it is a severe company.
  • Took free marathons for development and was surprised by company managers’ attitude toward students.

Front End Development

After I started understanding the basics of programming, I focused on learning Front End development. I understood that web interfaces and user experience play an essential role in creating quality web applications, and I wanted to develop my skills in this area.

First, I learned more about HTML, a markup language that defines the structure of a web page. I studied the basic tags, attributes, and design of a document. Then I moved on to learning CSS, the style language responsible for the web page’s appearance. I studied various properties of CSS, selectors, cascading, and inheritance styles.

After that, I started learning JavaScript, a programming language that adds interactivity and dynamic behavior to web pages. I studied the basic concepts of the language, such as variables, conditional operators, cycles, and functions. I also learned what DOM, events, and AJAX are.

The practice and creation of projects became integral to Front End’s development process. I learned to create simple web pages, layouts, user experience interfaces, and games to put my knowledge into practice.

Back End and Databases

After the successful development of the Front End stage, the Back End stage began. I understood that to create full-fledged web applications, working with the server part and databases is necessary.

That’s why I spent a few months studying server technologies like Node.js or Django. I learned the basics of server programming, setting up and creating servers, processing requests, and sending responses to the client.

Working with databases has become another essential component for me. I studied various types of databases, such as relational and NoSQL, and studied query languages, such as SQL.

Applying my knowledge of frontend development, the chief, I began to create complete web applications, connecting frontend and backend. I made registration and authorization systems, processed and stored user data, and developed complex business logic and algorithms on the server.

In the process of Back End development, I did not stop there, but took part in open-source projects, worked in a team, and got experience with large and complex projects.

Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills, I realized that for a successful IT career, it is necessary to develop and improve Soft Skills – soft skills that allow effective interaction with other people, teamwork, and productive relationships.

One of the critical aspects of developing Soft Skills for me was improving my communication skills. I realized that expressing thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively and listening and receiving information from others are essential for successful interaction with colleagues and clients.


My journey from beginner to Full Stack developer in one year was full of challenges. Still, at the same time, it was a history of overcoming difficulties, self-development, and pursuing goals. Thanks to GoIT, my training has become as direct as possible and without mind-blowing turns.

So if you want to become an IT specialist, we recommend choosing suitable courses.