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MAC Wholesale Review: A Detailed Review

MAC Wholesale Review

Liquidation pallets offer you a wide variety of things at a price lesser than the market. Even though they might not be straight out of the factory, their quality is great. If you looking to buy liquidation pallets in Boston or searching for Wholesale Liquidation companies, this article is for you. We have reviewed MAC wholesale, a liquidation store offering liquidation pallets.

About the Company

Their website is elaborate. MAC Wholesale has dedicated a page to different things. They have mentioned in detail their services, the company history, FAQs, purchasing conditions, selling conditions, etc.

According to their website, MAC Wholesale, or Maximum Advatngae Closeout, is a liquidation unit in Massachusetts, USA. It is owned and operated by Bruce Moyer, the President, and CEO.

He started in the closeout business as a retailer and later became a wholesaler when he established MAC Wholesale in 2005. Over the years, MAC Wholesale has become one of the largest closeout wholesalers in New England and the world.

However, they specifically mention that they are not brokers, and we never will be. They own all of our inventory. As a result, their customers can rest assured that they will always get the same quality and product they ordered in a timely fashion. There is no scope for any scam or misappropriation here.

Owning an inventory allows them to count and inspect their inventory before offering it for sale. Therefore, they can conduct a complete check for quality and maintenance. They aim to deliver you the right product in the best condition.

All goods they sell are new and of top quality, unless specified by the sales representative. Most of their inventory comes directly from their original manufacturers and has a paper trail. They are not into grey-market goods, and their licensed goods are sold with a letter of release/authorization to resell them.

They have a page titled- News, where they keep their customers and visitors updated on the status of any new developments in the country. It keeps interested customers informed so they can plan their visits, sales, and purchases accordingly. Therefore, as per their website, they maintain quality, customer, and legal assurance.

The Services

The services a company offers are a major deciding factor in determining whether or not it is trustworthy. A dedicated and reliable company will upgrade its services with time for the best customer experience.

However, on the other hand, if you are not dedicated to your customers, you will find any upgrade a waste of money. However, MAC Wholesale stands the test as they offer one of the best services.

Talking about their technical additions, they try to make your work as a customer simpler by using video conferencing to show their virtual showroom. So you can look at their showroom from the comfort of your couch.

Next, their products include 630-degree photos. As a result, you can take your cursor and drag it around for a complete check. Therefore, firstly, they are offering you convenience. They read and understood your busy schedules and have devised a solution for the same.

Secondly, they ensure that you do not have any doubts about the products. These two factors are an indication of a legitimate company.

What else?

Let us have a look at the things they deal in-



Excess Inventory


Discontinued Products

Packaging Changes

Refurbished Products



Order Cancellations


Their irregulars are classified as slight irregulars. For example, apparel with slight defects in the stitching or products that didn’t meet a retailer’s strict specifications. It can include a measurement, stitch, texture, etc.

Their website lists in detail all the products they deal with. They have also specified the conditions under which they will purchase the products. So they mention the power requirements, guarantee, etc.

Such a detailed explanation hints at the company’s transparency. They have cleared up some doubts that an interested customer might have to clear the terms and conditions of the deal. As a result, no one can scam them, nor can they fool their customers.

How to sell to them?

Their business includes selling products to their customers, which means making money. However, they also buy things from people to later sell them to others. When a business purchases something from a person rather than a supplier or manufacturer, it frequently duplicates the seller by confusing them into multiple schemes and conditions or quoting a lower price.

It is where the role of transparency and outlining clear-cut terms and conditions steps in.

They have a separate page mentioning everything about selling your products to them. Firstly, they have uploaded a video that offers an insight into their buying process.

As a first step, you have to contact them via email or phone and give them a list of your closeouts. Then they will get in touch with you and negotiate the price. Once both parties agree on the same price, their team will come to your location to pick up the belongings. As soon as the beads reach their office, they will send you the payment.

You have made this process very easy and simple. Their website lists the conditions attached to the different products they deal with. So you can visit their website and check if your items meet their conditions.

What do the people say?

There are not many reviews on the web available for this company. However, it does not mean they are a scam. It can hint at two things. Either the people do not consider this business so vast that they need to drop reviews, or the people are ignorant.

However, at the same time, we must argue that we did not come across any complaints on the web or various other websites listing this business.

Living in an era where businesses, shops, brands, etc., are all under the radar, it is not hard to find if a company is reliable or not. As a result, we did not come across any negative reviews for MAC Wholesale.


At the end of the article, if you ask me if it is a reliable company, the answer would be yes. The website of any company is an indicator of its reliability. A good and informative website offering all the necessary details means that the company is trustworthy. It means you can rely on them for your needs.

Their investment in building an efficient website indicates their determination to maintain good customer service. So we would give this company a thumbs up and definitely recommend it to our readers.