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Safe online shopping: what you need to know


The development of digital technologies and various crises such as the coronavirus pandemic have given a big impetus to the prosperity of cashless payments and online shopping. Today, every consumer has access to the network, so they need to know how to make safe online purchases. What you need to know about this seemingly simple way of shopping, experts from the Swiftoo financial service told. They also offer consumers to quickly order a virtual Mastercard, because it does not require the collection of a large package of documentation and will definitely not take more than ten minutes.

Why and which card to choose for online purchases?

It would seem that the virtual space is an environment in which fraudulent scams cannot exist and flourish, but in reality things are different. Attackers are engaged not in a specific theft of funds, but in phishing – that is, they steal from the consumer his confidential data (passwords, card or account details, PIN and CVC codes) in order to subsequently use them for their own purposes. How do they do it? Everything is extremely simple, they work based on human psychology, put pressure on pity, deceive, threaten in SMS or mailings to an email address. They may also introduce themselves as relatives or bank employees.

There are also more complex schemes in which a person is asked to transfer funds on a fake bank page. Alas, it is extremely problematic to return such money.

It is for such purposes that you may need a virtual card for online purchases – a safe and confidential tool. The Swiftoo prepaid card will become your reliable assistant and allow you to freely spend money online.

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How to shop online safely?

A virtual debit card and any other online shopping card, like its physical counterpart, has its own details, which are recommended not to be disclosed to anyone. Also, experts advise making payments using only a personal computer or smartphone, no need to use third-party devices.

An online shopping card can be registered with the Google Pay and Apple Pay app, which is an additional precaution.

Never make purchases on suspicious sites, and always turn on your antivirus program so that cyber scammers do not use your data. It is also good to have a separate medium for online shopping – for example, an online shopping card.