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SpaceX Recently Launched New Starlink Satellites Last October 2022

Starlink Satellites

October 2022 is definitely eventful for SpaceX and Starlink users and enthusiasts. Last October 5, SpaceX sent an additional 52 Starlink satellites to space just a few hours after they launched astronauts towards the International Space Station (ISS) for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

When it comes to the field of satellite internet, SpaceX has definitely changed the game, bringing high-speed satellite internet with unlimited data worldwide. So, let us get to know Starlink, what October 2022 holds for them, and if they are a good option for your internet needs.

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX, or Space Exploration Technologies Corp., is a spacecraft manufacturing and satellite communication company owned by the famous Elon Musk. Its main goal was to reduce the cost of transportation to allow us to colonize Mars. While it may seem absurd, SpaceX is redefining the satellite industry with its continuous advancements.

October 2022 SpaceX Starlink Launch Schedule

SpaceX scheduled a series of satellite launches last October. Those people who wanted to watch it live were able to, as SpaceX provided live online coverage through Starlink’s official Youtube channel. The launch that happened last October 5th was the fifth launch and landing for the Falcon 9 first-stage booster.

  Date Time Location
Starlink 4-29 10/05/2022 | Tues 19:10 ET Vandenberg SFC, California
Starlink 4-31 10/20/2022 | Thu 10:50 ET Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida
Starlink 4-36 10/27/2022 | Thu 21:14 ET Vandenberg SFC, California

 Starlink and Its Competitors

Starlink was highly regarded even before its launch due to the enticing features that come with its plans, such as unlimited data and high-speed internet — two in-demand features that aren’t usually seen in traditional satellite internet plans.

Starlink’s biggest competitors are the two US satellite giants, Viasat and HughesNet Internet. Let’s compare and see how their internet plans differ.

Satellite Internet Plans Overview

  # of Available Plans Plan Speeds Price Range Equipment Fees
SpaceX Starlink 3 50-500Mbps $100-$500/mo. $599-$2,500 one-time fee
HughesNet 4 25Mbps $64.99-$149.99/mo. $14.99 per month or $300 one-time fee
Viasat 5 12-50Mbps $49.99-$199.99/mo. $14.99 per month or $299.99 one-time fee


When it comes to speed, SpaceX is the superior provider as it offers the fastest internet speed of the two giant providers. While it’s somehow far from what fiber or cable internet can deliver, it’s a breakthrough for all satellite providers.


If you’re looking for flexibility, then Viasat is a great option. It offers the most available internet plans. However, some plans may not be available in some areas. So, you definitely have to keep that thought in mind. HughesNet, on the other hand, has four different plans with the same internet speed. The only difference is the data allowance in every plan.


SpaceX offers the most expensive satellite internet plans compared to the other two providers. However, if you take into consideration the speeds and unlimited data it provides, it may be worth it. If you’re just a casual internet user, then HughesNet may be your best choice.

Equipment Fees

Starlink’s one-time equipment fees are significantly more costly than Viasat and HughesNet, especially for their business plan. If we were to combine all the costs, SpaceX is definitely on the more expensive side. But considering its offered speeds and data, it’s your best option when it comes to high-speed, unlimited satellite internet — which is challenging to find in remote areas.

Is Starlink Worth It?

If you’re in a remote area where fast and stable internet is unavailable, SpaceX is definitely a good option. Many people now rely on the internet for their work and studies, so if you’re a remote student or worker and if Starlink is available in your area, we recommend you definitely go for it. But, if you’re on a budget but looking for a reliable internet connection, then HughesNet is also an excellent option for you.

Final Thoughts

SpaceX’s series of satellite launches was definitely a breakthrough in the satellite internet field. Fortunately, if you’ve missed it, you can watch it on Starlink’s official YouTube account or SpaceX’s website. There will still be more launches that will happen in the future, so stay tuned so you can witness it live with your friends and loved ones!