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Special advantages of Steep Angle Conveyors

Steep Angle Conveyors

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Only one conveyor for bulk material for transport between A and Z Only one drive necessary
 Only view automation equipment
 Reduction of failures
 High plant availability

Small mass movement by small belt weight

 small drive capacity
 Few electrical connection
 reduced electrical consumption costs

Reduction of Material transfer points

 smooth product transport
 small dust pollution

Soft material transfer. Material flow w1 and w2 in the same direction

 Less product demolition
 Minimum dust pollution
Discharge by gravity “a” as well as discharge by centrifugal force “b” possible with various conveying speeds between 0 and approx. 5 m/sec possible, because the installation of a big discharge chute can be designed.
Various inclinations of the vertical shaft possible
Grain sizes up to 400 mm possible
Mass flow up to 10,000 m³/h possible
Conveying speed between 0 and 4 m/sec.
Less noise pollution of staff and environment from the use of rubber material
Small wear on the conveyor from the use of rubber belts.
A comparison between a complete conveying system from A to Z shows that the investment costs are more or less similar. But several other criteria ( and especially the small operational costs ) would recommend the use on a Steep Angle Conveyors.
Highest cross-rigidity of base belts (based on special cross-rigid ply). Longer lifetime.
  • Reduced belt weight / belt thickness because of one cross-rigid ply only is required (fabric belts).
  • Because of reduced belt weight, reduced energy consumption (required power at drive). Reduced costs of operation (for complete lifetime).
  • Base belt pre-stretched. Prevent / reduced adjustments during operation.
  • Special inner design of sidewalls to prevent cracks.
              So longer lifetime of the sidewalls / reduced repair or replacement. (reduced maintenance costs / costs of operation / avoid /  reduced potential downtime of the installation).Reduced / prevention of loss of reduction.
  • Best design (custom-made) based on our experience and sate-of-the-art, according to the technical & economical rules.
  • Complete support (belt & system) as well as best performance.