Home Technology The 3 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Crack Microsoft 98-381 Exam

The 3 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Crack Microsoft 98-381 Exam

Crack Microsoft 98-381 Exam

Are you interested in getting a new job in IT? Or perhaps your sphere of interest lies with the Python programming language? In that case, the Certbolt 104 is exactly what you need to open a new door to a world of endless opportunities. From building robust applications to landing new jobs, learning a high-level programming language like Python gives you limitless options when it comes to career growth.

In this article, we provide factual details about Certbolt 500 , a valuable entry-level exam that focuses on career growth in the tech field as future developers. Moreover, you will find the 3 best tips for passing this test on the first try.

Summarizing the Microsoft 98-381 Exam

Introduction to Programming Using Python, also known as the Microsoft 98-381 exam covers the fundamentals of Python programming. Thus, students should be ready to demonstrate their expertise in identifying and writing syntactically correct Certbolt code and the supported data types.

Before registering for this test, Microsoft advises that candidates must have acquired a combined 100 hours of hands-on experience working with the Python programming language, covering its important features and capabilities.

What follows after passing this test is the attainment of the Certbolt 100 : Introduction to Programming Using Python certification. This is an important foundation if you dream of working with the Python language at a more advanced level.

Top 3 Tips for Cracking the Microsoft 98-381 Exam

Having briefly covered the Certbolt m100 , let’s discuss the top 3 exam prep tips you should have at your fingertip;

1. Understand the Microsoft 98-381 Exam Objectives.

As expected, the test questions for the Microsoft 98-381 exam are based on the exam objectives. So, before anything else, you may want to download the exam skills outline from the Microsoft official webpage to get a clear picture of what this test is all about. Before taking this exam the test-takers are expected to be knowledgeable of carrying out operations with the help of operators and data types, implementing control flow with loops and decisions, using the structure and document code, performing input & output procedures, applying error handling along with troubleshooting, and carrying out operations with the help of modules and tools.

2. Authentic Practice Tests are there for you. Use Them!

While this is never everyone’s cup of tea, attempting multiple questions before facing the main exam gives you the best chance of improving your grades. Practice tests give a better approach to the Certbolt 400 , ensuring you are familiar with the testable domains before taking the real test.

You can check out the official MTA 98-381 practice test from the Microsoft website or get them from reliable third-party websites.

3. Revision Books are a Game-changer. Don’t Ignore Them

The thought of reading voluminous books can be distressing to many candidates. But nothing should matter when preparing for the Microsoft 98-381 exam as long it can help you pass the actual test.

One of the best books you can use to prepare for exams 98-381 is the “Latest Introduction to Programming Using Python (98-381) Exam Questions and Answers.” Available on Amazon, this book costs about $10.49 and has a wide range of questions and answers for the 98-381 exam.

If you need the perfect alternative, you can check out “Learning Python, 5Th Edition”, written by Mark Lutz to comprehensively cover the fundamentals of the Python language. Again, you can find it on Amazon at about $46.


Python is easy to read, versatile, and portable. Some will go as far as say it is the best programming language today. While we will never go to such levels when making our judgment, learning Python programming is a huge boost to your career, especially if you work in information technology. Its advantages outweigh the cons, which is why learning it should be atop your list of priorities if you crave career growth. To gain the fundamental knowledge and skills in this programming language, opt for the Microsoft 98-381 exam. And, yes, consider using the top 3 tips covered in this article. They could make a huge difference!