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Top 10 Methods to Hack Facebook Account in 2022 [Updated]


A time may occur when we need to hack a Facebook account for some personal reasons. Now the latest technology has made it possible to easily spy on someone by hacking their social media account without knowing them.

After hacking anyone’s Facebook account you have access to all the user data including videos, pictures, private messages, and private posts that you wouldn’t be able to see by visiting the user’s profile page. All the data is enough to know the user’s thoughts.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your life partner or want to know what your children are doing on Facebook to check and balance their safety. Whatever the reason is, it is a very straightforward process if you have the right tools in your hand. We have described 10 top methods that are used to hack Facebook instantly.

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Top 10 methods to hack Facebook account

It is important to rely on reliable means while hacking Facebook accounts and it is important to understand that it is illegal to hack someone’s Facebook account so you have to do it with a lot of care. We have described the most reliable methods on which you can blindly trust.

1.  Hack Facebook account via Spylix application

Spylix is one of the most reliable solutions for hacking a Facebook account. It is recognized as a top and reputable Facebook hacking app around the world as you can hack anyone’s Facebook account without using the Facebook password.

Methods to Hack Facebook Account

Another main advantage of using Spylix is that it does not take a lot of space and also doesn’t affect the target device battery. It works remotely which means that to access the Facebook account there is no need to stay close to the target phone or computer.

Steps to hack Facebook account with the help of Spylix

Hacking someone’s Facebook account by using Spylix is a straightforward process. It will hardly take a few minutes to get access to the target’s Facebook data.

For your guidance a step by step guideline is given below:

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Spylix and choose to sign up for a free option. Enter your email address and password, and sign up for a free account.

Methods to Hack Facebook Account

Step 2. Setup Spylix by following the guidelines given on the screen.

Methods to Hack Facebook Account

Step 3. To access the Facebook account on the target device, log in to the control panel and start monitoring.

Methods to Hack Facebook Account

2.  Hacking Facebook account by stealing Facebook cookies

To use this method you have to gain some technical knowledge and if you are not a professional one then the method may be complicated for you. As we know cookies are temporarily available and get automatically deleted after closing the browser so we have to gain them before the target person closes the browser.

Get access to the target person’s browser and after stealing the cookies you have to run a code and then get the exact Facebook cookies and use it to log in to the target person’s Facebook account.

3.  Hack Facebook account via Phishing Method

Phishing is a very bread and butter way to hack someone’s Facebook account because it is very easy to fool the target person and the target person will never know that he or she has given his or her Facebook password to you.

In phishing methods mostly hackers pose as admin staff and send an email or text message to the target person. The email or the text message contains a link and the target person has to log in to a Facebook account.

After clicking on the link that person will go to the Phishing login page. By allowing the target to go to Facebook through a Phishing page the hackers have a lot of time to do whatever they want as the person doesn’t have any doubt.

4.  Hack Facebook account using keylogger

A keylogger allows you to track the keystrokes that your target presses on their device keyboard. Keylogger collects all the data and analyzes it which is helpful to crack passwords of Facebook or any other social website.

Spylix – most powerful keylogger

It is the best application that can record all the entered keys, especially in the case of the iPhone. It is available for more than 15 social applications and is a jailbreak-free method. It can monitor iMessage, email and can efficiently track keywords.

5.  Hack Facebook account by applying social engineering skills and knowledge

This method involves “conning” the target person to extract all the information or intentionally giving access to their Facebook login information. You can pose as a technician and ask the target person for their login information so you can check their Facebook account.

Like many online accounts, Facebook also asks a few security questions if you need to change your account password. For instance, what is your nickname? And if you know the person then you can try these questions and will be able to change the target Facebook password.

6.  Guess the password

Most people use some general password that can be guessed easily. Guessing the password method is helpful if you know the person personally.

Most people use their date of birth or their pet name for the password and if you know the personal information of the target person then by trying you may be able to hack their Facebook account.

7.   MITM method

MITM stands for “Man in the Middle” this type of method is typically used in the case of a LAN network, which is available at an Internet cafe or a coffee shop where a lot of people are sharing the same internet connection.

In this method, a hacker can remotely access the target computer as the system recognizes the connection is a secure line. But the hacker is looking for the target’s personal information including passwords.

8.  Hack Facebook account using email id

If you have access to the target person’s email ID on which the Facebook account has been created then you can easily hack the account.

Many professional hackers also hack Facebook accounts by using an email ID. You have to pay them and they will ask about the email ID of the target person. This method requires a lot of practice and experience and still, there are chances that you may fail.

9.  Hack Facebook account using forgot password method

Facebook offers a “forgot password” feature to its users in case they don’t remember their Facebook password but by using this feature you can also hack a Facebook account easily. To use this method go to the Facebook official website and choose the forgot password option.

Some instructions will appear on the screen, follow them and provide the related information such as target ID and then select the recovery option and you will be able to change the target person’s Facebook password.

10.  Hire a professional

If none of the above-described methods is helpful for you then maybe you have to hire a professional expert that will do the job for you. You have to pay money to the person in return for the extracted information. In this process, there are a lot of chances that the details may leak if it belongs to your family or children then you should be careful and responsible.

Wrapping up

All the methods described above are the most useful methods to hack someone’s Facebook account. All the methods work depending upon the circumstances. We recommend that instead of wasting your money or trying unreliable means use Spylix Facebook hacking tool to get information in an easy and stress-free environment.