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TOP 3 Reasons To Switch To Scanner App Instead of Scan Machine

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Having a smartphone is no longer a luxury thing but a must-have option for any user. Luckily, this tool is not for communication only. It can also present a number of opportunities for entertainment, doing work, or even business. Completing all these things is a possible thing thanks to having different apps installed. This makes it possible to have a chat with people from any corner of the world, plan, scan, watch videos, listen to music, and do many other things. Your iPhone may even replace your office suite at some points and make the interaction with partners, employees, and other parties faster, especially when you need to send docs. Yes, there is no need to search for a heavy scan machine. You may scan having your smartphone at hand only. Have doubts? There are good reasons to convince you.

Reasons Why Your iPhone Is a Good Alternative to Heavy Scan Machines

Using your smartphone for document scanning is a good idea because:

  1. Any smartphone is powered by a good camera. If we speak about the iPhone, its camera is nearly powerful and provides pictures of excellent quality. This device even replaces photo cameras sometimes because the quality of images is really amazing. If you take a photo camera to take photos or scans, the quality doesn’t suffer.
  2. Portability is another aspect that matters in the case of a smartphone that serves as a scanner. It is easy and convenient to take this tool and take it anywhere and make scans from any location you may only find suitable.
  3. The time of procession is short. When you start using your smartphone as a scanner, you may be surprised about the speed of the procession. It takes a couple of minutes solely or even less to make quality scans at hand.

These are the main reasons to use a scanning app and your smartphone to scan docs. And there are also certain things to draw attention to.

How Your Smartphone Can Help to Make Scans and How to Do This Right?

Scanning docs is not a complicated thing when you have a smartphone nearby. The only thing you need to do is to install a Scanner App. This tool will do all things instead of you. It takes minutes to install a scan with a phone app and using it is a straightforward thing. All good apps for scanning have these must-have features.

  • Quick scanning – it takes a couple of minutes only to make all scans and process those using an app. What kinds of documents can be scanned? An app should cope with such most common types of docs as IDs, letters, bills, receipts, etc. Providing high-quality images is the exact expected result. Color and perspective corrections should be ensured as well.
  • An app should have a good object ruler and counter to scan properly. It should be possible to measure the total area for scanning and its length.
  • Most common formats have to be available, including JPEG, TXT, and DOC.
  • Text conversion and recognition should be available. Taking images and converting texts should take a couple of minutes only. This option saves time a lot of time for retyping existing materials. It is an easy thing to take a photo and extract a part of a text. Preserving fonts, sizes, colors, and other aspects is also possible by having a good app at hand.
  • Effective file management is also a possible thing having a good app. This is made thanks to the availability of folders, tags, and other features.
  • Quick and effective document sharing should be also available. It is a possible thing to share docs using Wi-Fi, email, and messengers.
  • Safety should be ensured as well. Effective storage has to be ensured. An app should be equipped with tools and features that enable safe document storage. It has to provide a certain level of security boosted by two-factor authentication and encryption technologies. Face ID, watermarks, and e-signature are also desired to be available.

All these things will work properly only if you have made some minor preparatory actions, like these ones:

  • Take care of proper lighting. Ensure there is enough light and you don’t make a shadow with your hand.
  • Fix your hand. Making it steady is a crucial thing to take good photos and scans.
  • Avoid catching surrounding items. Do your best to grasp the area you are going to scan eliminating the impact of the surroundings. Make your scans as close as it is possible.

These are simple tips on how to make the quality of docs you scan with your smartphone closer to ones made using a scanning machine.

Final Words

Even if you need some scans urgently, there is always an option to do this even having a smartphone at hand only. Specific apps enable a smartphone to replace a scanning machine and provide the same quality, especially if we speak about the iPhone where a camera is powerful. Scanning docs may take a few minutes. Take this option to make your work and life easier.