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Top 5 EdTech Innovations Transforming Classrooms Today


Technology continues to evolve each day, and it’s refreshing to see that the classroom is benefiting from it. Almost every day, a new breakthrough is achieved; however, tracking them all isn’t always easy. If you agree, keep reading this article, as we have gone through this step and covered the top five education technological innovations of our time.

Best EdTech Innovations Transforming Modern Classrooms

Here are the top 5 EdTech innovations that are revolutionizing the classroom experience today:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gamification
  • Cloud Computing

1.   Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has advanced a lot in recent years, and the educational sector is benefiting greatly. With VR headsets, students are able to explore distant locations without leaving the classroom. The visual and audio aspects of this tech have also been upgraded so that you can now experience 4K resolution alongside high-definition audio quality on the best VR headsets. Thanks to this technology, students are able to enjoy immersive learning that allows them to explore and better understand even the most complex ideas and topics.

2.   Learning Management Systems (LMS)

LMS is a software application that gives teachers a centralized view of their teaching materials and allows the ease of delivering them online. This tool is practically making it easier for teachers to perform their core function, which is to teach students. Also, the entire process of creating and sharing educational content is streamlined, making it easier to track students’ progress and share it with parents.

3.   Artificial Intelligence

AI is probably the most common term used these days in the tech sphere. This makes sense when you consider that artificial intelligence has been helping teachers and students alike. The technology is already being used to reduce the administrative workloads of teachers, such as grading papers and creating study materials. As for students, by analyzing data, AI models are able to write 100% original essays with clear and concise language. Powered by AI technology and a large database, the Write My Essays service is such an example. This website offers paraphrasing tools, conclusion generators, and a host of other services you can explore. By reducing the time teachers spend on non-teaching tasks and assisting students in getting the best out of lectures, artificial intelligence is greatly innovating learning in classrooms around the world.

4.   Gamification

Traditional ways of teaching have not always yielded the best outcomes. As a result, many schools these days are using the positive features of games to improve how students are taught. Referred to as the gamification of education, students are more engaged than ever before. Simulations and quizzes are now being used to reinforce lessons being taught, leaving students with a memorable experience.

5.   Cloud Computing

Through cloud computing, students are able to study in a much better way. The cloud means easier collaboration when it comes to distant learning. Also, students don’t need to carry as many books as before, as they can simply store their study materials on the cloud. This means you can spend time learning what Linux distro students should use as well as other skills that will help make you job-ready. Also, modern learning isn’t restricted to location, and even on commutes to class, students can keep learning thanks to tools such as Google Docs and Dropbox.

EdTech Innovations Transforming Classrooms

In Conclusion

The EdTech innovations mentioned in this article are helping to transform classrooms everywhere. Whether it’s virtual reality, artificial intelligence, gamification of education, LMSs, or cloud computing, there are a lot of innovations being made. If your school hasn’t adopted any of these technologies, you might want to update your curriculum to avoid being left behind.

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