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Top Full-stack Developer Tools 2022

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Full-stack web development is all about developing applications on both the client and server sides. While the full-stack developers know the core HTML and CSS, along with that, they also know several other languages. They can program a browser with the help of JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, or Vue. Along with developing the client-side, they also develop the server-side with the help of PHP, ASP, Python, or Node. With the help of full-stack web development, databases such as SQL, SQLite, MongoDB can also be worked upon.

Such an advanced skill set requires the patience and intellect of an individual. With such promising results, the full-stack java developers are actively hired by the top IT companies. So, becoming a full-stack developer is not easy as it may come across to you. The world is undergoing a digital transformation in these recent years. And with the technology booming, you must not lag behind in the Industry. The tech profession requires you to evolve consistently with advanced skills and technologies. If you are a fresh graduate or professional inspired to become a Full-Stack Developer, then you must go through 100% Job Guarantee Full Stack Java Developer Course and other such online courses that will help you to upgrade your career in the tech industry.

The article below explains the latest web development tools used by developers to build advanced web applications.

Top Full-Stack Developer Tools 2022

  • Codepen

Codepen is mainly designed for the purpose of designing front-end websites. It is a social development environment that allows developers to develop the code for free. In this framework, the program code is written in the form of short snippets. That’s why a name code pen has been given. Codepen focuses on front-end languages such as javascript. HTML, CSS, etc. it is mainly used for reducing test cases for bugs, evaluating potential hires, prototyping new ideas, and sending clients things to look at.

  • WebStorm

WebStorm is also used for front-end development and server-side JavaScript. This is lightweight, thereby making it easier for the developers to design the applications. It makes working on complex tasks easy and automates routine work. The WebStorm IDE runs multiple codes all at once and detects possible errors faster. It deeply understands the project requirements and helps you to write the code with ease.

  • GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular and advanced development platforms in the world. Millions of developers and organizations design, ship, and maintain their software on this platform. GitHub is a version-control and collaboration platform. The developers can edit, adapt and enhance the features of the software for free. With GitHub, the developers can connect and network with other developers across the world. It will allow them to check out their work, communicate with them either publicly or privately.

  • Slack

The slack platform makes it easier for users to automate routine tasks. It consists of predefined codes and syntaxes that make it easier for even non-programmers to automate the code. It is best suited if you want to extend, expand and automate your workspace. Slack consists of different APIs that allow developers to read, write, and update all kinds of data in a slack.

  • Backbone

It is one of the popular full-stack web development tools. It provides rich API tools, models, and functions that help to provide structure to web applications. Data is represented in the form of models that can be created, validated, destroyed, and saved to the server. With the backbone, the programmers can also discover the data structures and User Interface primitives. All of these elements are used to bind web applications with JavaScript.

  • Grunt

 Grunt is a JavaScript task runner written on the top of node.js. It is also one of the popular full-stack development tools used to automate anything with the least effort. Grunt offers you to automate repetitive tasks such as compilation, minification, linting, unit testing, etc. most of these are available in the form of grunt plug-ins. Moreover, grunt is less complicated that’s why it makes it easier to work with a new codebase. Even the beginners of non-technical professionals find it useful. So some of the top firms such as Twitter, Sauce Labs, Filament groups, Adobe, Modernizr are the top firms that use Grunt to meet the developer needs.

  • Atom

Atom is a Text Editor that makes it easier for the developers to collaborate on other platforms such as Git and GitHub directly. Some of the tasks such as creating new branches, push and pull, view pull requests, stage and commit, resolving merge conflicts, and all other tasks can be performed within the text editor.

Bottom Line

All of these tools have been adopted by the developers and used highly. Since technology is evolving rapidly, the tools used today may not be relevant in the near future. What matters is that you must be aware of all such technologies because it will help you stand out among the crowd. With such skills, you will also become industry-ready. Start building your skillset today with the help of courses that are even available online.