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Upcoming Sports Games for PC

Sports Games for PC

PC gaming is seen by many to be the elite way to play, with it offering greater graphics, a larger variety of games, and the opportunity to use the keyboard and mouse for better control options. Despite these advantages, one genre of games that had always seemed better suited to its console rivals though, have been the sports titles. One of the major reasons for this has been the fact that more players are on the consoles’ online servers, leading to more opportunities for playing matches against human opponents online.

Nevertheless, that’s all changing nowadays, as the PC format is being much more targeted by gaming developers who produce sporting games. This is leading to many more players choosing to have their sporting fun on their computers over consoles, and will eventually lead to a level playing-field when it comes to the amount of online players.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting upcoming sports titles for the PC then, ones that will no doubt be a smash-hit, and help make the PC the future undisputed champion of sports gaming. Also, don’t forget that if your computer has any troubles when trying to run any games, that here at TechniciansNow we previously discussed how to fix when your PC runs into a problem and needs a restart.

TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 3

The TT Isle of Man motorcycle event is one of the most infamous races ever, with its combination of breakneck speed and hairpin corners proving fatal on many an occasion since its inception in 1907. If you don’t wanna risk life and limb taking part in this annual competition on the tiny island that’s located near Great Britain, then you can just wait for TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 3, which speeds onto PC in May.

This motorcycle racing simulation game will offer gameplay that’s easy to pick up, yet difficult to master, meaning you’ll need all your hand-eye co-ordination expertise to truly master those tricky corners. Developed by Raceward Studio, it will feature all the official content of the latest Tourist Trophy.

EA Sports PGA Tour

You might be thinking that the seemingly chilled out sport of golf doesn’t make for much of a thrilling video game. On the contrary however, it turns out that the club sport that originated all the way back in 15th century Scotland, actually makes for one heck of a stimulating gaming experience. A great example of this will be EA Sports PGA Tour, which will be esteemed developers EA Sports first golfing game since Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour was released back in 2015.

One of the major features this time round will be the new career mode called ‘Road to the Masters’, that will allow players to create their own golfer from scratch, and then try to lead them from the amateur leagues, all the way to the top of the profession. You’ll be able to try to ascend the golfing ranks, by utilising the twenty different shot types that are implemented in the game, and hopefully end up wearing the famed green jacket at the Masters.

Fittingly, the game will actually come out just a couple weeks before this year’s Masters begins, launching worldwide on March 24th. The 2023 Masters will tee-off at the Augusta National Golf Club on April 6th, and will be watched by millions of golf fans globally. It’s also one of the most bet on events of the year, with punters using sites like SBO to access all the top online bookmakers. Their selection of trusted bookmakers will offer the most generous odds, safe and secure betting options, along with speedy payouts. Plus, they’ve highlighted how to best get bonus offers, including bountiful free bets.

Sports Games for PC


This entry is for anyone that fancies traversing their way around a massive snowy wonderland, but doesn’t fancy getting wet and cold whilst they do it. ChainSki looks set to be one of the most bodacious snowboarding games of all-time when it launches onto PC on 26th May. Developed by MetaXSeed Games, this snowboarding sim looks to virtually recreate the thrilling exhilaration that professional snowboarders feel when they bomb down a steep, powder-coated mountain.

The game builds upon the solid foundation that previous snowboarding games like 2012’s SSX reboot and 2016’s Steep had built, but manages to keep it fresh by enabling players to constantly be able to download new gear and terrain for their riders. On top of that, you can either choose to race against the clock, as you hurtle down the mountain, or can take on highly-tricky obstacle courses that have been specially designed to best challenge your snowboarding skills.