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What is a Twitch Sponsorship?

What is a Twitch Sponsorship

A Twitch Sponsorship is a partnership between the streaming platform called Twitch and the content creator, also known as a streamer. The company pays the streamer for the promotion or services on his/her Twitch channel. The content that gets sponsored can appear in Twitch streams in various ways. Earning on Twitch is not easy. 70% of small streamers do not receive any sponsorship opportunities. Most of the revenue goes to the big influencers who have over 500 k followers.

Working on Twitch

It’s easy to look at the most popular Twitch streamers and believe that “the dream job” is possible. Thousands of subscribers, fans that buy your merchandise, and a handful of brand deals that result in an income beyond anything you have experienced before.
However, working on Twitch is challenging. It requires lots of work that is consistent and

In order to successfully plan your content on Twitch, you need to understand the mechanism of the platform.

For the uninitiated, streamers on Twitch can earn revenue via three official channels and several unofficial. The first ones allow users to subscribe to their chosen streamer and that may cost them $5-$25 and Twitch typically takes 50% of that amount. Another official method is to buy “bits” from Twitch and gift those to a streamer. One bit is equal to $0,01. And finally, streamers can manually play mid-roll video ads to their viewers during their broadcast, but in order for the streamer to be eligible for this stream revenue, a streamer has to be a Twitch “affiliate” or “partner”-each requiring their own metrics to achieve before being offered.

Unofficial channels involve donations, merchandise, and sponsorship deals.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of streamers are not monetizing their content.

How to monetize your channel?

You don’t need hundreds of viewers to become a content creator. You can start earning from streaming while growing your channel. Initial efforts should be made to simply engage the viewers that you currently have. Growth is exciting, but the fastest way to monetize is to convince your audience to support your efforts. At the highest echelons of Twitch, there are content creators with 1500 concurrent viewers earning as much as those with 10,000.

An affiliate earns $2.50 for each of their subscribers. Consider the difference between having 100 concurrent viewers and 10 subscribers against 70 concurrent viewers and 30 subscribers. The former earning is $25 per month, while the latter is bringing in $75. The difference here is minor, but scale that up 10 times, and that minor difference turns into $500 per month.

Once you have grown your channel to 50+ concurrent viewers, you can start to lean on other revenue opportunities to supplement your income. Mindfuture Gaming operates a platform where streamers of all sizes can get the opportunity to partner with brands to promote products.

Streamers can choose the brands they work with and get paid for the traffic they direct to partner websites-meaning that they can decide how aggressive or intrusive they want these ads to be.

What is a Twitch Sponsorship

As growth continues into the hundreds of concurrent viewers, options grow, and revenue along with it. Subscriptions and donations may still make up the bulk of the income, however, affiliate marketing efforts and brand deals utilizing the services of agencies such as Mindfuture will top that up.

Once viewership numbers enter the thousands, the world is your oyster and full-time content creation should become a simple enough target.

But until that day arrives, it’s best not to get too caught up in it. The full-time content dream relies on growing your viewership, which takes time and a lot of effort. Enjoy the process, take time to learn, and cultivate the audience you want for your content. Any money made in the meantime is simply a bonus.

What is a Twitch Sponsorship

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