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What Type of Network Security Solution Do You Need?

Network Security Solution

As a consequence of different cyber threats or the risk of data breaches, the need for network security is increasing day by day. Since there are a variety of network security solutions, it can sometimes be tricky to choose which one you need.

The network security solution you need depends on different features, such as whether you will implement it for business or personal use. So, here are the considerations you should pay attention to before implementing a network security solution.

1-) Scalable

The capacity of a system, software, network, or organization to scale up or down in terms of performance and cost in response to changes in application and system processing demands is referred to as scalability. It provides stability in performance, flexibility in customization, and improved user experience.

Scalability has two usages in IT. The first one is the adaptability of a hardware or software product or computer application to perform properly when the size or volume of the application is modified to fulfill a user’s need.

The second one is the ability to not only function properly in a rescaled setting but also to maximize its benefits. When considering hardware and software, companies and enterprises that are rapidly expanding should pay attention to scalability.

2-) Secure Remote Access Capable

Secure Remote Access is a set of security practices and solutions aimed at preventing unwanted access to a company’s digital assets or the loss of critical data. It enables employees to securely access their company network from anywhere, with any device. The capability of secure remote access is crucial for enterprises that have remote working employees.

To provide the security that enterprises require, Secure Remote Access uses a combination of technologies, such as Endpoint Security, Virtual Private Network, Zero Trust Network Access, Network Access Control, or Single Sign-On. The ability to Secure Remote Access plays an important role and can help you to choose the network security solution you should implement.

3-) Offers a Variety of Security Features

Another important consideration before choosing a network security solution is the features it provides. To protect your business there are several multi-layered network security features for different categories. For example, if you just need additional security you can implement two-factor authentication (2FA) or Network Segmentation which allows you to restrict access to specific resources.

On the other hand, if you require secure network management or threat monitoring, the features you need can include SNMP monitoring for real-time visibility into network performance and potential security threats. Additionally, a Site-to-site VPN or Custom DNS can be implemented to ensure faster request processing and enhance overall phishing protection measures.

The solution you need or the provider you should choose only depends on your needs and requests. However, you should keep in mind that enabling multi-layered network security features can protect you from cyberattacks and data breaches before you lose your sensitive data.

4-) Provides Mail Protection and URL Filtering

URL filtering is a procedure that allows companies to limit which websites and materials employees have access to. It enables secure internet access and protects users from malware sites, phishing pages, and dangerous or unwanted websites.

URL filtering is essential when it comes to building and maintaining a secure network. It secures endpoint devices and cloud services from cyberattacks while boosting operational efficiency.

Mail Protection is a service that analyses mail servers to detect possible phishing and spoofing. It identifies and blocks emails from suspicious senders. It also detects if download links are infected with malware. Attackers could utilize social engineering strategies to deceive receivers and collect information if email gateways are not protected.

As a good security solution, mail protection enables the blocking of cyberattacks and control of outgoing messages. It also allows companies to manage the internet usage of employees, block access to harmful websites, and secure their web gateway, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Final Words

Even though there are fundamental features to consider while choosing a network security solution, the solutions you should choose can not be recommended until there is a complete understanding of your needs.

Since there is no single product that can meet all your requirements, it is better to choose different solutions that fit best your needs. Every company is different, and its needs are also different.