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Why should you choose Kissflow Workflow for your Automation needs

Kissflow Workflow

Kissflow Workflow is a cloud-based service that lets you create, model, and deploy business process apps, all with very little to no coding knowledge. It follows a lightweight approach, empowering business users to design workflows that they are familiar with. It is the only workflow automation software focusing on both structured and unstructured workflows, covering all business processes and functionalities.

What makes Kissflow Workflow Stand Out?

1.   Simple to use Interface:

With organizations planning to scale up their operations, workflows can get very chaotic and unmanageable. To eliminate complexities, Kissflow Workflow is exclusively built with a simple interface and design. It helps you to easily manage and track the progress of each workflow under one unified console.

2.   No Code Required:

Kissflow Workflow is a no-code platform that can help you automate business processes in a matter of 15 minutes. Its drag-and-drop form builders allow you to effortlessly build forms no matter the complexity. With no code needed, Kissflow Workflow gives everyone the power to create customizable workflows using a user-friendly and intuitive console.

3.   Role-Based Access Control:

Most departmental workflows include critical and confidential data that is not meant to be shared with everyone. Considering the data sensitivity, Kissflow Workflow enables you to modify the workflows and give access control based on the user’s role, level, and the criticality of data. The best part is, this delegation can be done seamlessly without interrupting the workflow structure.

4.   Always Integration-Ready:

In an organization, different departmental functionalities are usually isolated without a proper alignment of tasks. The data churned out from various departments, when collectively aligned and integrated, would provide deeper insight and metrics into the business processes. Kissflow Workflow enables you to seamlessly integrate with APIs and handy tools like Zapier, Dropbox, Slack, Amazon EC2, etc. This facilitates the users to share tasks and merge data across multiple systems. It is also fully integrated with Google Apps, giving you more flexibility and scope to perform and switch between different tasks.

1.   Ad Hoc Assignments:

Sometimes, in a manually managed system, a high-priority task might arise unplanned. In such a case, the task must be allocated to the right and available team member. In such uncertainty, the dynamic assignment feature of Kissflow Workflow helps you to reassign the tasks to the right team members even while a process is in progress.

2.   Real-Time Reports and Analytics:

Kissflow Workflow empowers you with highly intuitive and customizable reports and analytics. This allows you to gain deep insights and ready-to-use metrics of workflow processes. The pre-built reports act as an instant check using which the tasks and requests can be analyzed. This helps in tracking the progress of the workflows seamlessly at every stage. This level of intuitive analytics feature from Kissflow provides you with real-time data using which informed decisions can be made effectively.

3.   Tailor-Made Fluid Forms:

The major reason causing process inefficiencies are time-consuming and complex workflows. To eradicate the workflow chaos faced by the organization, Kissflow Workflow has designed tailor-made fluid forms. This feature enables you to build a form, modify its design, configure the integration and launch the workflow within a few minutes. The level of customization and flexibility offered by this feature helps organizations to save a lot of time spent on complex workflows.

4.   Visually Constructed Workflows:

Sometimes, when the process trail is so long that it becomes tedious to keep track of the workflow progress. The visually constructed workflows offered by Kissflow helps you to visually design the path your data takes through the process. A quick visual representation of the workflow structure will help you easily understand the status and bottlenecks if any. This way, immediate actions can be taken to eliminate the issue and ensure that the process path flows hassle-free.

Why is Kissflow Workflow Preferred by Leading Enterprises?

  • The dashboards of the Kissflow Workflow offer real-time information such as the progress of the task, connection between tasks, etc, in a simple and understandable format.
  • Each business process can be optimized using the drill-downs, enabling you to determine and eliminate the process bottlenecks in advance.
  • Provides easy accessibility of your workflow-related data and reports from multiple devices.
  • Kissflow Workflow enables you to set KPIs, configure user management, and access in-depth reports in real-time.
  • Pre-built intuitive templates help you to design comprehensive workflow structures from scratch.
  • Managing, viewing, and tracking the approvals and requests are made seamless with the help of unified dashboards.
  • It is a full-fledged workflow automation tool offering more flexible features, empowering you with simplified workflows at an affordable price.

Wrapping up

It is an undeniable fact that workflow automation is a game-changer. Owing to the constant technological changes and growing competition, workflow automation is proven to boost your overall business productivity and give you a competitive edge. Although choosing the right workflow management tool plays a vital role, with extensive research on different workflow management software, you would have a firm grasp of exactly what your company needs. Check out Kissflow Workflow today to experience what a robust and simplified workflow management software feels like.