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Your Intranet Is Your Secret Weapon to Success: How To Use It

Intranet Is Your Secret Weapon

Every day, every business is bombarded with hundreds of emails asking them to use a tool for better productivity. Though most of these tools are left ignored, very few make it to the final stage, where businesses actually try them or incorporate them into their process. One such tool that has the potential to improve productivity and operational efficiency is the intranet. Let’s explore why this underestimated tool is your secret weapon to success.

Intranet: A Hidden Gem

Before we delve into the strategies to make the most of your intranet, let’s first understand its significance. An intranet is like the behind-the-scenes control room of your organization, a digital hub where employees can access information, communicate, and collaborate. It is not just a fancy tool that keeps all your employees on the same page; it has the potential to transform your business operations. Let’s explore the power of intranet, and you’ll be convinced to at least try an intranet software with a free trial to dive deeper into it.

Harnessing The Power Of Your Intranet

Your intranet has the potential to be your secret weapon for success. Here’s how:

1.   Centralised Information Hub

Your intranet could be your compass guiding your employees in the right direction through the right knowledge and resources. Whether it is HR policies, training materials, or departmental documents, your intranet can possess all of them to keep everything centralized.

2.   Streamlined Document Sharing

By using intranet software, your sales teams can quickly find the latest product brochures, while HR can access employee handbooks with ease.

3.   Feedback For Improvement

Feedback raises the curtains behind your process and gives you an idea about how good or bad your operations are so you can fix them and improve. Conduct a survey to gather input on potential improvements to the company’s benefits program.

4.   Engaging Discussion Forums

Whether you’re all set or trying to grow your small business, discussions, and communications are a must for you to maintain a sense of community. For example, your IT department can host a forum where employees can troubleshoot common tech issues and share solutions and knowledge.

5.   Collaboration Improved

Collaboration is possibly the most highlighted and best benefit of intranet software. Using this software, your reps from different departments can come together to work on a single project from a single space and keep track of their progress from a single location without switching tabs.

6.   Clutter-Free Dashboards

Dashboards let you filter out unnecessary information and pin important data right in front of your eyes so you can have a look at them with ease. Let your employees create and manage dashboards on an individual level so they keep track of their progress and do not hamper other’s tasks as well.

7.   Company Updates

Just like news headlines keep people informed, your intranet can provide real-time updates about your company. For example, you can use intranets to share vital updates about remote work policies to avoid violations in your internal systems.

8.   Employee Directory

An employee directory is an encyclopedia containing relevant information about every individual working in your organization. Keep this directory handy and updated so that people can find accurate information about the employee they want to connect with.

9.   Mobile-Ready

Having a mobile-ready intranet tool is more likely to be used. Your users do not need to sit in front of their eye-straining computers to improve collaboration with the team. They can do this while traveling or having dinner. For instance, your sales team can access the intranet from their smartphones while visiting clients, making it easy to find information or update client records.

Achieving Success With Your Intranet

Intranets possess a lot of superpowers, but it is often underestimated. Due to this underestimation, brands do not use them to their full potential. Hence, if you employ it and start making the most out of it, you will be shooting up your productivity and reaping great results you never thought of. So start using the intranet today and maximize your benefits.