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7 Best Actors That Have Conquered American Horror

Conquered American Horror

In a world where everything seems to spill off, many want some thrills that will create fun but in a controlled manner.

It may feel unimaginable that someone could crave the panic-button experiences and tolerate all kinds of fears. Thrill-seekers love the art of being scared. Perhaps they wake up to feel a sense of satisfaction from the dark night Halloween house or watching the nerve-wracking horror film.

Virtually everyone has had some kind of goosebumps that left their heart pounding faster, the hair stood up, or even felt cold on a summer day.

Did you know that there are actors who have excelled in the horror genre which attracts the largest commercial audiences? There is an entire group of actors whose primary focus is on horror films. Some start-up by writing about gore horror movies and end up in the game forever. These are the likes of Sam Raimi, who have written and directed the Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead which can be found in the list of best Netflix UK horror movies.

In this article, we will highlight 7 of the most high-profile actors who have chosen to explore the dark side and have a great legacy.

1. Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is among the two most popular actors of the 20th century; this is made evident by his career spanning almost seven decades as a horror movie icon. There is quite a load of horror movies starring Christopher Lee. Examples include Horror of Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, and many more.

Chris was a good villain and remained an active actor; even towards his death at the age of 93, he still made it to The Hunting of the Snark and the Time War. His acting in Dracula made him get rooted into the horror movies such as the City of the Dead and the Taste of Fear.

2. Vincent Prince

Vincent is well known for his role in American horror films. He became an icon after starring in the House of Wax (1953). Later, he participated in other horror films such as The Tingler and The Bat that were released in the same year(1959), The Last Man on Earth (1964), War-Gods of the Deep( 1965), Witchfinder General (1968), and Theatre of Blood (1973) and many more.

His last time to be on the screen was when he participated in The Heart of Justice and later died due to lung cancer.

3. Jack Nicholson

Jack became legendary when he appeared in The Shining. He is one guy that plays it crazy such as when he starred in Tim Burton’s Batman. He wowed his audience in The Terror (1963), Wolf(1994), The Witches Of Eastwick (1987), just to name a few that brought his fame in his over 50 years of crossing paths with the big screen frights.

4. Dee Wallace

Dee is well known for his starring role in American horror movies and is considered America’s greatest film mom. She is one actress who would fit well in Halloween’s dark nights. Those who love horrors love cruelty and violence. Dee was not short of that and would giggle when planting a hatchet on your head.

Dee appeared in multiple genre movies, including The Howling (1981), The Hills Have Eyes (1977), Ouija House (2018), From Hell (2019), among others. She proved to be a haven of charm in most of these scary films she placed on the merchandise. If you love horrors, you can spare some time for The Frighteners (1996). You will love it.

5. Tony Todd

Tony is another top icon in American horror movies. He brought life to Candyman (2021). Tony has acted in many horror films, but a few stand out. They include Hell Fest (2018), Night Of The Living Dead (1990), one of the classic hits, Hatchet (2006), and Final Destination (2000) which will give you real goosebumps.

If you love Candyman, you know Tony Todd is a unique icon in the horror world.

6. Anthony Perkins

Anthony is not a stranger in the horror universe. Even with one horror film, Anthony would remain in the audience’s hearts.

He has starred in many horror movies; among these are the six best, including; Psycho (1960), which was fueled by his father’s death. This is the movie that cemented his legacy. Others include the Horror Show (1979), Psycho II (1983), Psycho III (1986) and the famous Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990), and lastly I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990). Perkins proved to be good at his job all through to the extent his son Berry Berenson followed in his footsteps.

7. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is an actor, writer, and comedian who started his horror journey, acting like a kid (Tommy Doyle) in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers in 1995. Since then, he has been a 1990s rock star.

From then on, he became so obsessed and would later get fame following Clueless. Paul’s name hit the media for his roles in the Knocked Up (2007), The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), and Three Days of Rain (2006), among others.

Bottom Line

Horror movies are meant to be scary; that’s why every horror movie actor needs that intense stamina and courage. Again, everyone has to start somewhere; the above actors have unique acting roots in the genre.

Horror movies never go out of style. They always maintain a large commercial audience. The above actors learned what the production demands and tirelessly delivered to the audience’s expectations.