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Dumpor – the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer


What is Dumpor?

With Dumpor, you can view an Instagram story from anyone privately and anonymously. Additionally, you can watch anyone’s profile or followers during their live session to see who they’re following and how many followers they have. The ability to search for users based on their location allows you to stalk people in your vicinity! Despite being marketed as a private app, Dumpor is the best in the business. A unique feature of Dumpor is its lack of logs policy, so we never store any of your data on their servers. The code was rewritten from scratch with new encryption, making it unbeatable in its privacy capabilities.


How to use Dumpor?

It is easy to watch someone’s Instagram if you don’t want them to know you’re watching them. Dumpor displays their tagged photos and stories (if any) if you type in their username. When you feel like maintaining complete anonymity, simply close your browser window whenever you feel like doing so. You can also find out who their followers are and view their stories without following them back. Dumpor is an easy tool that keeps everyone safe while doing whatever they need or want while being used on social media; unfortunately, it only takes one accidental click for your identity to be revealed.

The risk of stalking someone on social media is well known! At Dumpor, privacy is extremely important. All data on their servers is encrypted, so no data ever leaves their control, and IP addresses or any information that could identify you personally, such as your phone number or email address, are never stored.

Why use Dumpor?

Many people wish to stalk their ex-partners or other people anonymously. In many cases, there is also an element of revenge and being hurt that motivates people to stalk their exes. They want to be able to monitor what they do on social media but do not want them to know that they are doing so. Using Dumpor, you’ll be able to see what your ex is up to without them knowing. It doesn’t require any signup at all – so it’s truly anonymous. Additionally, you can search by tags in your area or other locations you are interested in, such as neighborhoods and cities, so you don’t miss any pictures from family or friends.

With push notifications, users will never miss a thing because they receive notifications in real-time. Searching by profiles is simple since it pulls information straight from a user’s phone book (if the user agrees). Once you do that, you’ll be able to see users who have not yet signed up themselves, so you won’t have tons of clutter to deal with.

Once someone follows them back, users will get instant push notifications – just like Twitter or Tinder notifications, but they are available on mobile anytime, anywhere! Users can view specifically tagged location posts anonymously through a map interface! It is planned that they will soon add a face recognition feature, so users’ names don’t appear on the screen if they want more safety features!

Features of the Dumpor app.

Watch Instagram stories & profiles anonymously with Dumpor, a free and anonymous Instagram viewer. Dumpor lets you search for Instagram users by tag or location to see all their stories from the last 24 hours or saved stories. Dumpor also gives you access to each user’s user profile and followers free of charge. Dumpor makes it easy to view Instagram stories privately! With Dumpor, you can use a photo, video, or drawing tool to share your story with other people privately. It is also possible to view the stories of other Instagram users without notifying them (if they do not follow you).

In many cases, it isn’t appropriate to notify someone they’ve been viewed.

e.g., someone unfollowed you after looking at your photo on their feed), so it would be cool if we could view their photos without notifying them…and that’s exactly what dumpor does! Don’t fall behind trends – download dumpor now and don’t miss any more news!

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Security Issues with Dumpor.

When combined with other features, Dumpor becomes extremely dangerous. For example, you can easily track and follow someone’s profile by viewing their stories anonymously. In the same vein, geolocation is possible. The username or profile picture of a location cannot be viewed by others when tagged manually (for example, taking a photo from one location and posting it with another location tagged), but it is possible to include multiple locations in a story for other viewers to see.

These tools can cause significant harm to users when used maliciously by third parties. In addition to security concerns, Instagram stories have privacy concerns since most people use them publicly.

Pros and Cons of Dumpor.


  1. Having received mainly positive reviews, this website is considered popular by Tranco.
  2. A valid SSL certificate is in place on this website.
  3. The domain name has been registered over a year in advance.
  4. This website is (very) old. DNSFilter deems this website safe.
  5. Trend Micro deems this website trustworthy.
  6. Download content – Download images or videos from Instagram just by putting the link to it.
  7. You can view stories anonymously without actually logging in.
  8. You can search for everything! Search for whatever you want through different hashtags, usernames, locations, profiles, etc.
  9. You can even analyze the growth of different profiles, their followers, reach, etc.


  1. Website owner hides their identity on WHOIS.
  2. Hosting is in a high-risk country.
  3. The registrar has a high percentage of spammers and fraudsters.
  4. Dumpor uses API for its services, but it is not endorsed by Instagram.

When you enter Instagram without having an account, we know that you will have some posts visible, but in a limited way. This forces us to log in to be able to enjoy the platform, although many people only want to consume content and remain anonymous. However, Dumpor is a service that will allow you to use Instagram without having an account.