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How to view Instagram Stories anonymously – all ways

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously

Instagram story is a new tool that allows you to share your daily moments, not just those you choose to retain on your profile. When you upload a large number of photos and videos, they appear in a slideshow format, which you can refer to as your Story.

You do not have to worry about overposting with Instagram Stories. Instead, you have the freedom to share as much as you want throughout the day, with as much originality as you desire. Text and art tools can help you bring your Story to life in fresh ways. After 24 hours, the photographs and videos will be removed from your profile grid and feed.

Presently, there is no built-in option for anonymous stories viewer for Instagram in the Instagram app that allows users to browse stories anonymously. While Instagram does not enable users to save stories from other accounts because of privacy concerns, there are legitimate reasons to do so that do not always involve a breach of privacy.

You might, for example, be featured in a video on someone else’s story that you wish to save. You might also wish to use a narrative from a coworker for commercial purposes. The only way to do so is to use third-party software to see the Story. This also implies that you will have to accomplish it outside of the app’s interface rather than within it.

How to view anonymously Instagram stories?

When it relates to Instagram stories, the user who created it usually has access to see who has viewed it. In addition, the story uploader can block or restrict a specific user from viewing their story by selecting “Seen by” from the drop-down menu. This can be a drawback, especially if you are unable to view a story.

You can see any story without noticing by viewing Instagram stories as an anonymous user. It’s also unnecessary to worry about being restricted or blocked. This is because you won’t be able to see this story unless you log in. As a result, you will be anonymous. The account that published and shared the Story will have no way of knowing if you’ve ever seen it!

You can easily access stories as an anonymous user if you are not planning to use the app. There are several ways to keep your account concealed when visualizing stories. All you have to do now is choose the finest choice for you.

There are two options you can consider: either the use of a fake account or turning on the airplane mode of your phone.

Use of airplane mode

Turning on airplane mode is one way to access Instagram stories anonymously. Instagram will preload numerous stories to view them even if you don’t have access to a wifi connection when you open them.

Remember to be connected to your Instagram account first, select airplane mode, return to the IG stories viewer app and select the stories you want to see. However, this only works for a few stories; Instagram will not preload all of them if the user has posted a long sequence.

Using a fake account

Using an Instagram account that is not automatically identified as yours is probably the easiest approach to reading someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously.

It’s as simple as adding another account to Instagram and switching between the two whenever you want to sneak a peek at someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing.

The best Instagram Story Viewer for Android, iOS, PC

A list of people who have viewed your Instagram Story is Story viewers. It shows the overall number of individuals who have seen your Story and the user identities of those who have viewed it.

The best Instagram viewer for PC is Instastories.watch.

The InstaStories.watch service is an Instagram Story Viewer that allows you to watch ig stories anonymously online without registering or logging into your account from your phone or computer.

With instastories.watch, no one will ever know that you have seen or downloaded stories or photographs unless you register and log into your account, which is completely anonymous.

You can go about this by simply following this procedure

Please copy the link or name of the Instagram profile you wish to see anonymously and paste it here.

Copy and paste InstaStories.watch into the site’s search box, then search or Enter.

You will be directed to a page, like https://instastories.watch/en/cristiano/, where you may view all of your public profile information.

The best Instagram story viewer for Android and iOS is StoriesIG.me.

Stories IG is an anonymous stories viewer for Instagram that allows you to watch any user’s online Instagram profile stories, posts, and IGTV without registering or logging in to your IG account from your phone or computer.

The best part about this service is that you no longer have to follow the people you want to spy on their Instagram stories; instead, you can do it for free.

You can go about this by simply following this procedure

Copy the URL or name of the Instagram account you’d like to view anonymously.

Enter the pasted text into the search bar above.

You will arrive at a page like https://StoriesIG.me/en/kimkardashian/, where you may view the entire profile. Pay attention to news and publications.


Insta story is a free tool that allows you to view Instagram stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV anonymously. You may quietly track stories and highlights, live broadcasts (online broadcasts, streams, broadcast recordings), posts (pictures, videos, text publications), likes, comments, and subscribers with the aid of anonymous stories viewer for Instagram.


Dumpor is a free tool or platform that allows you to view anonymously Instagram stories without an account. It is regarded as one of the most effective Instagram stalkers as you can anonymously access Instagram photos, stories, and other social media content. The best part about this app is that you don’t have to register an account to view other people’s Instagram accounts. This program allows you to watch them anonymously.

How to download Instagram stories, images, and videos in private mode?

To store video stories from other accounts, you must use a third-party tool or software. You may do this with various applications, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article will focus on the instasaver app.

InstaSaver app, the best app to download Instagram stories privately

InstaSaver is the best and most popular Android app for downloading public Instagram photographs and videos. Google Play is where you can get the InstaSave app. However, it is unrelated to Instagram. It will require a login, but all of the services described in this blog are safe to use.

With Insta Saver, you may download and save videos, photos, pictures, stories, Instagram highlights, posts, gallery of posts, IGTV, and reels with a single click.

Only public accounts’ content can be downloaded anonymously, so the account owner will never know you have taken a photo or video for yourself.

In conclusion, when it comes to viewing Instagram stories privately, there are benefits to anonymous watching, but there are also drawbacks. When you are viewing anonymously, you won’t be able to engage or interact with the Story if you need to.

Irrespective of this, there are other options on the internet if you don’t want to go to the trouble of registering a new account or turning on airplane mode every time you want to see the content. You will find various apps that already allow you to maintain your anonymity while browsing the news.

However, the best options remain insta stories and stories ig. They both allow anonymous viewing of any open Instagram account’s stories and publications (posts). You can access videos and photos of any user’s stories and download them.

You don’t need an Instagram account or to be fully logged in. You can use the service in a convenient language, and the user will never know that you have seen his narrative. This, for us, is highly exceptional.

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