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Best 15 Sites Like Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor


Do you want to keep people in the dark while you browse their Instagram profiles? If so, Picuki is the website that can provide you with the same service. Without checking in, you will be able to download the pictures or videos in addition to viewing them.


The greatest website you can choose from is Picuki (also known as Pocuki), but you can only view the films, reels, and stories of those who have a public account.

Additionally, a number of other websites that are comparable to Picuki provide you with several features and allow you to view your Profile photographs anonymously. If you want to gain more in-depth information about the top 15 websites that are similar to Picuki (or Pocuki), check out this page!

1. WatchInsta

Watchinsta is among the top Instagram profile watcher apps available. The greatest option for watching both public and private IG accounts is this one. Because it is completely free and compatible with all devices, it is comparable to the Picuki. When you download this application, you can access private photos on Instagram and retrieve messages and data.

It is a Picuki-like website that has been improved and is frequently tested. Proxy support is available, making it safe and untraceable. Even tales, reels, movies, and images can be exported by users as ZIP files.

2. InstaDP

InstaDP is another free website, similar to Picuki. It is a free online platform that displays profiles and stories and allows you to download Instagram reels, stories, photos, and videos in addition to profile pictures. You can download the stories and keep them with you even if, as you are aware, they are erased after 24 hours.

Since Picuki might not have this option, you have a far better and more sophisticated platform to select from. It is not simply an alternative to Picuki.

3. Inflact

One of the greatest platforms for using the free Instagram viewer software is Inflact, which is very similar to Picuki (or Pocuki). It is a platform that enables Instagram photo downloads. You use the website, and

You only need to type the name once to access the profile’s information in the search area. It’s the best thing that could happen for the clients. If the account is public, the customer may use it without signing into your account if they so choose.

4. izoomYou

Are you seeking a program that will let you expand your Instagram DP? If so, izoomYou is the website you need to visit. You may explore and enlarge people’s Instagram profile photographs on this easy-to-use tool.

You may watch HD photos on this Pocuki substitute and save or download them in HD resolution. However, you won’t be able to view any private account’s images.

5. InstaStories

InstaStories is another tool or platform that you can use to give the user access to anonymous IG browsing. When you utilize this Picuki alternative, you’ll see that it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is type the user name of the person in the search bar and press the search button. You will achieve all of your desired outcomes.

The platform will handle the rest if you enter the intended Instagram username. The best part about this is that it is completely anonymous, and you will have access to everything you desire. No one will be able to tell that you saw the Instagram stories.

6. StoriesDown

An alternative to Picuki is a free internet program called StoriesDown. But you would need the Instagram username if you were using StoriesDown. However, if you do so, you will be able to see the stories you choose to download and read the most current entries on your account.


This website only functions with public Instagram accounts, just like the other websites. It implies that you won’t be able to download or view any private account’s postings. It is comparable to Pocuki in that you can see user stories and posts anonymously, which ensures that no one will know who you are.

7. Dumpor

Another website, somewhat similar to Picuki, called Dumpor lets you see and examine Instagram Reels, photographs, and stories. You can investigate your company’s or any other brand’s Instagram data with the aid of this application.

What’s the best part about this, do you know? You can look through and check out other people’s Instagram profiles in Dumpor. It is comparable to Dumpor in that you won’t even need to register an Instagram account.

8. 4K Stogram

Storiesgrams is the next option after Picuki, which you may use to browse and save Instagram material. The greatest tool for viewing and downloading reels, posts, IGTV, stories, and other media is this one.

Each post includes a download button that lets you quickly and securely download the movie with just one click.

9. InStalker

Instalker is the app to use if you want to download or see Instagram stories. The app will be able to access the stories you select. Naturally, not everything on this Picuki alternative can be downloaded, but you can browse everything without revealing your identity.

The platform’s primary benefit is that it will find the stalker swiftly. So that you can detect any profile stalking. Even those who have blocked you can be found out.

10. StorySaver


StorySaver is an excellent program that is very comparable to the picuki. You can download Instagram stories with this. It will teach you how to stalk someone’s account without drawing attention to yourself.

The user just needs to follow the straightforward instructions to download anything. IG videos and Instagram stories will be available for download. Both Android and iPhone support its use.

11. Instasaved

Instasaved, which is regarded as the greatest Instagram downloader of videos and HD photographs, is another option for Pocuki. You can also download the person’s biography and profile photographs if you like.


Whatever device you use, you can download the tool and use it to download videos, pictures, and tales for free.

12. Glassagram

Another website like Picuki where you can view the posts and images from any account is Glassgram. Similar to Pocuki, it is the best website because it provides all the information. You have access to all you need to monitor. It is an easy-to-install platform that is safe and secure and gives you time-to-time updates.

13. Stories IG


Stories Instagram Stories On IG, you may view and download pictures and videos without having to pay for them. It’s a great tool for casually stalking people on Instagram by viewing their stories.

You won’t even need to join your Instagram account, making it a substitute for Picuki. You can watch them anonymously by just clicking the view button, loading the movie, and playing it. The video is even available for HD download.

14. Pixwox

Users can view and download Instagram posts and reels on the website Pixwox. Simply choosing the username based on how your Instagram followers would read it can do this. You can if you want.

The user can easily download both public and private accounts because it is very similar to Picuki. You can later access the program offline after downloading it. It is an anonymous, totally free Instagram profile downloader.

15. IGLookup

Do you want to peek through someone’s images without even asking them to? If so, IGLookup is the website you need to visit. Because you can check the photographs shared anonymously, it is the greatest alternative to Picuki. There are instances when you believe it is important to be aware of your loved ones without letting them know.

You’ll be able to accomplish that with the aid of IGLookup. It might be a great option to have instead of Picuki.


Hopefully, you now realize that there are several alternatives to Pocuki that you may use to watch Instagram stories, reels, and posts on your phone without anyone noticing. It is the ideal method because you may gain a lot of advantages with it. Do not be confused whenever you hear the phrase “Pocuki” because it refers to both Picuki.