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7 Top React Native IDEs and Editors for React Native App Development

React Native App

With the current trends of cross-platform applications, React Native has become the popular choice among developers. It enables developers to build native look-like and quality applications using JavaScript. Being Open-source, React Native gets fabulous support from the strong community by developing various tools, plugins, API integrations, etc. With the features like Hot Reloading, you can run new code while maintaining the application state, which adds to the popularity of React Native.

Due to the rising popularity of React Native, many companies are shifting towards cross-platform app development and are looking to hire react native developer constantly. With this constant rise in React native, there is also a notable increase in searching for tools such as the best IDE and code editors that can make coding much easier.

Let’s dive into a few of the best React Native IDE and code editors available in the market to help developers create native-like apps successfully.

7 Best React-Native IDEs and Code Editors

Following is the list of 7 popular React Native IDEs that can be used in react native development.


Website: atom.io | GitHub Stars: 57.5K | Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac | License: MIT | NPM Weekly downloads: 11,096.

Atom is a current, open, and hackable editor. This editor can be used with several other technologies and React Native. With the help of Atom, developers can create a top react native app, as it includes a wide range of plugins.


  • Cross-Plaform Support
  • Built-in package manager
  • Smart Auto-complete
  • Multiple Panes
  • File system browser


  • Built-in package manager
  • Reduced development time
  • Straight forward interface
  • Easy to learn


  • The default code needs improvement
  • Lacking Documentation
  • Slow platform

Visual Studio Code

Website: code.visualstudio.com | GitHub Stars: 131K| Supported platform: Linux, Mac, windows | License: MIT

Developed by Microsoft for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Visual Studio is a free and open-source code editor. Visual Studio supports debugging, syntax highlighting, embedded Git control, code refactoring, and intelligent code completion.


  • Built-in Git commands
  • Customizable and Extensible


  • Free
  • Cross-platform
  • Supports third-party plugins


  • Fewer features
  • Lags and is a bit slow at times
  • The code check feature isn’t that useful


Website: nuclide.io| GitHub Stars: 7.9K | Supported platform: Windows, Linux, Mac | License:  MIT | NPM Weekly Downloads: 463

Build on the top Atom Nuclide helps improve the JavaScript code with integrated support for jump-to-definition, inline errors, Auto-complete, and more. The key functionality of nuclide is to significantly increase the usability of Atom and provide support to the community.


  • Integrated Debugging
  • Development from afar
  • Support from Mercurial
  • Sets for Working


  • Speedy Development Process
  • Quick coding with autocomplete
  • Great UI/UX
  • Clean interface


  • Can use some improvement for some features
  • Longer startup time
  • Extended debugging time


Website: www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/ | Supported platform: Linux, Mac, Windows | License: Paid (the US $129.00 for a single user/first year)

Developed by JetBrains, Webstrom is a mature platform for JavaScript and various technologies. It simplifies development and helps you to handle complex tasks efficiently. It offers local history features, tight integration with VSC, and a vibrant ecosystem for plugins. Webstrom also offers advanced support for JSX and React. It also assists with core coding for react native apps.


  • Assistance with Intelligent Coding
  • Latest Technology Support
  • Control System for Versions
  • All-in-one tool Integration
  • Troubleshooting, tracing, and testing
  • Constructed in Terminal


  • Easier code refactoring
  • Provides plugin support
  • Code quality is maintained with integrated tools


  • Paid
  • Lagging performance

Sublime text

Website: sublimetext.com | GitHub Stars: 2k | Supported platform: Linux, Mac, Windows | License: MIT

Another React Native IDE on the list is Sublime text editor. Considered as one of the most favorite text editors among the developers. The finest part about it is the vast community that uses this platform. Sublime provides various themes and packages. It won’t be wrong to say that it has become an experienced performer in the technology market.


  • Multiple Options
  • Palette of commands
  • Mode with No Distractions
  • Editing in two parts
  • Switching Projects Immediately
  • API for plugins
  • Anything may be customized.
  • TypeScript, TSX ,and JSX support
  • GPU rendering
  • Platform-independent


  • Shortcut for command line direct server upload is a fantastic time-saver.
  • The user interface allows for distraction-free coding.
  • It’s ideal for new programmers and novices.
  • It’s simple to learn and use.


  • It’s a good tool for React Native programming, but in the end, it’s not a holistic IDE.
  • For many developers, not being free is a huge concern.
  • A lot of unpleasant alerts are there in the free mode.


Website: reactide.io | GitHub Stars: 10.4K | Supported platform: Mac, Linux, Windows | License: MIT

Reactide is the first IDE dedicated to react app development. Reactide is a cross-platform IDE that includes a React Component emulator for Hot reloading and mock-ups. React provides a set of built-in development tools to make react development easier. The days when you were hooping back and forth between IDE, Web browser, and server are gone.


  • Extensible developer environment
  • Elegant configurations
  • Component Visulization
  • Hot Module Reloading
  • Automated setup
  • In-app browser simulator


  • Customizable
  • Cross-platform
  • Component styles and attributes are controlled via a synchronized GUI.


  • Preferences cant be changed
  • Lack of plugin support

Vim Editor

­Website: vim.org| GitHub Stars: 26.9K | Supported platform: Linux, Mac | License: vim

Being a well-known text editor, vim is a highly configurable editor for building and changing any text. It is included in various UNIX systems and Apple OS as “Vi.” It can be used as a standalone GUI and Terminal or Command-line interface application.


  • Insistent, multi-level undo
  • Extensive Plugin
  • Various programming and file format support
  • Supports integration with multiple tools


  • Quick development with recording feature
  • The speedy code editing process


  • Steep Ui/UX design
  • Challanging for beginners
  • Lack of documentation

Wrapping Up!

Choosing the best IDE for your tech stack might be challenging at times. When working on react native app development, IDEs might impact performance. Each IDE differs in terms of features, usability, perks, and shortcoming. So, while choosing an IDE for your tech stack, think about each IDE’s characteristics and what functionality you need for React Native based on your business requirements.