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9 Types of Content to Post On Social Media

Post On Social Media

Social media can be for personal or for business purposes. But, it is vital to post engaging and new content. However, like most businesses, you may wonder if what you post on social media is the right thing. More importantly, as a business, you need to know the best Facebook alternatives to join and a template that works for you in creating posts for your audience. Below are types of content to post on social media.

1. Information articles 

Information articles are the most popular posts to share on social media. Information articles that you link on your social media platforms from your website are good to increase traffic to your website. Also, consider posting an image to your link or a video concerning it. Add some text to it. More importantly, avoid posting a link only, as most users mostly scroll past the post.

2. Special events 

Are you holding a special event? If so, post about it. In this way, you engage your users with the social post. Some of these events you can post include annual sales, store opening in a new location, company fundraiser, rebranding reveals, among many others. In doing this, you gain more engagement from followers on your social media page and boost attendance to the event.

3. Sale promotions

Post On Social Media

Sale promotions attract most people. Therefore, if you do not know what to post on social media, remember to post about any upcoming promotions. It can be a poster or written content on your social media platforms. But, when you post it as a graphic on your pages, it gets more engagement.

4. User-generated posts

This type of content is when you repost a post from your customer featuring your product. Such content is engaging as it shows your followers how other people are enjoying your product. Plus, your brand feels more relatable as your followers relate better with the customers on your photo. Thus, repost all the user-generated content you get on your various platforms. Notably, ensure you get consent from the user.

5. “This or that”

Post On Social Media

The “this or that” social media posts are the most engaging of the many you can post. Such posts beg for audience engagement, for most people love sharing their opinion on various things. Ask the this or that content in a written form. However, you get more engagement with this if you share it in graphic form.

6. Fun facts 

To keep your audience more engaged, share fun facts. It can be in the form of a graphic or text post. Thus, you can create one yourself with Canva or other tools you prefer. Optionally, provide a video illustrating the fact further. For instance, post a fun fact about something interesting. It can be in your line of work or not, and pair it with a video of the same.

7. Quick tips and quotes 

Post On Social Media

To increase engagement to your page. A quick tip is a great idea. Users appreciate it when you share quick tips, and most share them with followers and tag friends. Now and then, everyone can use a good inspirational quote. Post them on social media as a great way to engage the users. More importantly, ensure the quotes you share relate to your industry.

8. Testimonials or case studies 

Testimonials are comments previous customers have made about your products or services, or generally your business. Most companies have their testimonials on their website, but turning them into a social media post is a good way to engage with your followers. To boost engagement more, turn them into graphics. Also, you can post a case study showing data on how your service or product benefits the customer.

9. Current events

Post On Social Media

Another type of content you can post on social media is posting current events. It is a good option as it engages users, for everyone is interested in what is happening around the world. Plus, the users can repost the same, and it circulates to more people. Post a video or a photo of current happenings, and in this way, you garner shares, comments, likes, and views. If it is a video, more than before. Plus, the engagement will be higher.