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Apple launches new classical music app


The largest technology company in the world, Apple, has announced its launch of a streaming app dedicated solely to classical music. The app, Apple Music Classical, was made readily available on the 28th of March 2023 and offers access to the world’s largest classical music catalog. How does it fit into the plethora of music streaming apps on the market?

What the new app has to offer to listeners

We’re no strangers to music streaming apps and having access to music on the go at the tap of a finger. What makes Apple Music Classical stand out from popular services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal?

First things first, it’s unique. While Spotify and other streaming giants offer music of all genres, Apple Music Classical is solely dedicated to classical music, allowing fans of the genre can access music they love all in one space.

Secondly, it’s superior. While there are other classical music apps on the market, Apple Music Classical hosts the world’s largest classical music catalog. That gives classical music fans over five million tracks to choose from, including immersive spatial audio and exclusive albums.

How listeners can access the app

In this app where the listeners come first, users will not only have millions of tracks at their fingertips, they’ll be able to find them with ease. The new music app has been designed with the user experience in mind and via a search function and filters, users won’t have a problem finding their desired composer or track.

To access the new classical music app, users are required to have a subscription to Apple Music. Offering the best sound quality when compared to competitors like Spotify and Tidal, means that listeners won’t miss a beat.

What about the musicians?

classical music app

Collaboration is a key component of the new app. Not only will listeners have access to an extensive catalog of classical music played at high quality, but they will also have access to exclusive content too. Collaborating with leading classical musicians, Apple Music Classical will be a space for showcasing relatively unknown and new content.

This offers musicians exposure, but they need to know how to get their music on there. This is where a music distributor comes into play. A host of popular music distribution services have been designed to help musicians manage their very own recording catalog and support them in publishing their audio files on streaming platforms like Apple Music.

They vary by the musician’s previous level of exposure, cost, and level of support provided. But the range of services they offer can be of vital importance to artists: many of them offer copyright management, support with social media, and more. Luckily for classical artists, Apple Music works with a host of music distributors to stream audio content.

As an app that comes at no extra cost to Apple Music subscribers, it’s an exciting time for classical music fans. It’s a new community for artists and listeners. While artists can generate exposure to their music, listeners can find the tunes they love with ease.