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Bingo in pop culture over the years

Bingo in pop culture

We have all heard of Bingo before, but do you know about the impact it has had on popular culture across the globe?

Bingo has really stood the test of time, first appearing in the 1500s, where it was called ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’, to eventually settling in the UK and being named the iconic ‘Bingo’.

Not only is the game a great social experience, but you can also be in with a chance of winning some money. However, it’s best to remember that Bingo is still a game of chance.

Remember, there is absolutely no strategy involved when playing Bingo, and you should only bet with money you can afford to lose. This is the most important piece of advice to keep in mind whenever you play any type of game that involves betting.

Keep on reading if you want to find out more about the impact Bingo has had on pop culture over the years and how the classic game has adapted to keep up with the times!

TV show appearances

Have you ever heard of Bob’s Full House?

It was an iconic Bingo television show, hosted by Bob Monkhouse, which aired on the BBC from 1984 until 1990. In this show, contestants had to answer questions correctly to light up numbers – firstly four corners, then the middle line, then the full house, all for the chance to win prizes!

Bob’s Full House proved so popular that Germany, Finland, Portugal, Greece, and of course the USA had their own versions of the show!

Gaming online

Most people know that Bingo is one of, if not the most social casino game. It brings people together in a close environment, with many social benefits!

And this wasn’t lost when online gaming came in…

Much like all the classic casino games, Bingo was quickly developed to become available to play online, taking the gaming world by storm!

Playing Bingo online means you can still engage in the social side of your favorite games but from the comfort of your own home. When playing in a live game, you can use the chat function and speak to other players who are also in that round.

This keeps the all-important social element within the game, probably why Bingo is still one of the most popular games to date!


If you watch TV, you’ll often see Bingo commercials, usually, with a famous face you might recognize. This was taken to a new level when a Bingo style game was played on the radio, called ‘Innuendo Bingo’, which was played with a celebrity guest who had a mouthful of water.

The aim of the game was to hit the opponent with the water which spurts out of the first player’s mouth through laughter when a funny clip or sound was played. Now, this isn’t your typical Bingo game, but it’s definitely worth a mention as it’s so unique!

Have you recognized the classic Bingo game feature within pop culture? Or, have you seen a spin-off version of the classic Bingo game?