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CyberArk Expands Availability of Identity Security Offerings on AWS Marketplace


With the support of CyberArk and Amazon Web Services, customers can mitigate cybersecurity risks from endpoint to cloud and across distant workforces. The aspirants who are interested in accrediting the certification on  CyberArk can upgrade the required skills with this online CyberArk Training course which would assist in mastering the concepts of cybersecurity.

Impact Live 2021 June 9, 2021 – CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) – PETACH TIKVA, Mass. and NEWTON, Israel, a global pioneer in identity security, announced that CyberArk Workforce Identity, CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager, and CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager are now available on AWS Marketplace. On Amazon Web Services Marketplace. The least-privilege controls, as well as CyberArk Workforce Identity (AWS Marketplace), are now available from CyberArk, spanning the endpoint to the cloud. Now CyberArk offers controls with the least privileges that span endpoints to a cloud in the AWS Marketplace.

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Many businesses are prioritizing workload migration to the cloud. This development, combined with the requirement to secure remote workforces that are rising, has produced new hurdles, notably in terms of protecting against identity-centric assaults. AWS customers may now take advantage of even more of Identity Security from CyberArk SaaS-based products, which offer more deployment simplicity and flexibility, as well as faster time to value and mitigate risks.

AWS users can use CyberArk’s Identity Security solutions to wipe excessive permissions and access on endpoint servers, devices, and across their environments in the cloud. By restricting lateral movement and reducing privilege escalation, removing superfluous rights helps organizations disrupt the attack vector. Specifically:

  • Entitlements Manager for CyberArk Cloud: It’s the first privilege-dependant, a service powered by artificial intelligence in the industry, and it’s aimed to improve cloud security by recognizing and deleting excessive permissions in the cloud, as well as limiting the risks of permission sprawl and privilege misuse. Customers can now onboard and evaluate IAM privileges across their whole Amazon Web Services Organizations service using Cloud Entitlements Manager. Customers that use Entitlements Manager in the Cloud can now connect organizational units and accounts inside their Amazon Web Services Organizations to find and fix excessive IAM rights in individual AWS accounts.
  • Privilege Manager for CyberArk Endpoints: It’s a crucial part of endpoint security, especially in today’s remote working models. This eliminates roadblocks to enforce least privilege policies and enables enterprises to block and defend the endpoint from attacks, mitigating the risks of stealing the data or encrypted and set for ransom.
  • Workforce Identity from CyberArk: It protects users’ access to on-premises and cloud applications, VPNs, endpoints, and other important resources, which assists secure remote workforces. Features of Workforce Identity Capabilities include Authentication with multiple factors, adaptable Lifecycle Management, and Single Sign-On.

Clarence Hinton, the chief strategy office of CyberArk states that “Cloud adoption, working remotely, and other initiatives of digital transformation must not be at the expense of security”. “Organizations must handle specific use cases, and they must have the means to fulfill their objectives of the business in a secure manner. AWS clients can go ahead with confidence, lowering excessive privileges and limiting risks before it impacts the business negatively, due to expanded access to CyberArk Identity Security solutions”.

CyberArk’s Conjur Open Source, Privileged Access Cloud, Privileged Access Manager, and GovCloud Privileged Access Manager are all available on AWS Marketplace (US).

About CyberArk

CyberArk is the world’s leading provider of identity security solutions. CyberArk, which focuses on the management of privileged access, offers the most extensive security solution for any identity – machine or human – across business apps, remote workforces, workloads in the hybrid cloud, and throughout the lifecycle of DevOps. CyberArk is trusted by the world’s most prestigious companies to assist in securing their most valuable assets.


We have now learned about the solutions offered by CyberArk in terms of security, flexibility, risk reduction, and various other aspects on AWS Marketplace. We hope this article is very useful and aided the readers in providing the necessary information in knowing the current marketing needs.

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