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Get These 3 Benefits by Splitting Your PDF Files

Splitting Your PDF Files

Sending files online through various media sharing and communication tools is widely popular. It’s a preference due to how flexible you can be in doing your work because all you need to do is go online and move your hands. The way you share your files might be the usual upload and send process, and that’s totally fine.

But, would you believe us if we say that you can level up your game in terms of sharing your PDF documents by just doing one action? It turns out that you can get at least three benefits by rendering a split PDF from your original one. Find out how and why you should definitely try this amazing trick by continuing below!

What is a split PDF?

It’s easy to confuse the usage of the term split PDF as a verb or noun. But, in this section, we will use it as a thing. A split PDF is another file extracted from an original one, and it typically contains less information. You can essentially think of it as a part of the main PDF but in another file. Naturally, you can expect the split PDF to be smaller in size, contains more specific information, and easier to share.

For clarity, you don’t have to go through an arduous process of making a new file, retyping the selected information, saving it, and converting it to PDF all over again. Technology is there to make our lives more manageable, and you can actually find tools for this aspect. One look at your browser will let you see countless websites to split your PDFs with.

Split your PDFs with GogoPDF

Among the plethora that can help you achieve the same goal, some websites stand out from the rest. One of these popular websites is GogoPDF. It is a web-based service known for its ability to handle processes such as file format conversion, file compression, and PDF splitting. So, how does it differ from other websites?

Secure and efficient

At the end of the day, people can’t remove the worry and skepticism about their PDFs’ safety. It is not surprising as some may have files that contain sensitive information. Of course, one thing that people like to consider too is whether they can do the process more accessibly at a faster pace.

GogoPDF is a trusted choice for many since it boasts tight security utilizing standard safety measures online. Moreover, you can use the tool even if you are not familiar with such processes with the manageable steps that you have to do. It will only take you two to three minutes to split your PDFs successfully.

How to use the Split PDF tool by GogoPDF

You only have to do four simple steps to get three benefits that we will discuss in a bit. Follow the short guide below.

  1. Visit GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your chosen PDF file.
  3. A set of options will appear on your screen, you just have to choose from them.
  4. Wait to finish, and download your split PDF!

Benefits from splitting your PDF files


A split PDF is essentially a part of the main PDF. Thus, you can expect it to be smaller in size. One problem that a lot of people are facing when sharing files online is the data cap in email. More specifically, they can’t send large files, and it becomes a problem in their work. An option is to split the file into several files, so you can send them individually.


Think of this situation. Imagine yourself looking for a specific section of a document, but the file contains too much information. The time you’ll spend scrolling a few times and checking if what you’re looking for is on your screen will surely be quite long. A similar situation might happen to someone who will receive your file.

Extracting the necessary parts and putting them into a split PDF may help you be more straightforward with the contents. If your recipient can make heads or tails with your document at first glance, the time spent on waiting will significantly be shorter, right?


Subsequently, faster file sharing and quicker feedback would mean faster progression. With more time now in your hand, you can start working on your other projects or take time to rest. Increase your productivity and accomplish your work at a faster pace by splitting PDFs.

Final thoughts

The most convenient way to reach out to others presently is through online communication and media sharing tools. You might be working from home or attending online classes, so sharing files is inevitable at some point. You can get at least three benefits we discussed above when you split your PDFs. So what are you still waiting for? Go to GogoPDF and start splitting your PDF files!