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How Charities Can Use Social Media

How Charities Can Use Social Media

Social media is an incredibly effective tool in modern society when it comes to connecting individuals and establishing businesses. As far as charities are concerned, social media allows them to maintain the engagement of previous donors and boost donations across a variety of platforms. Social media provides charities with a platform to post photos and videos, which helps them in their community growth. After all, stronger engagement allows for better participation.

For instance, many Islamic charities will advertise the notion of giving Zakat online via their social media channels. This is ideal for the engagement of younger Muslims who are looking to pay their obligatory charitable donations quickly and efficiently.

Why Charities Use Social Media

Traditional methods of the advertising mean that an intermediary is involved; however, this isn’t the case when it comes to social media. Charities are able to have full control over their social media platforms, meaning that they can manage their content and the message that is being portrayed from such. As a result, social media feels much more personal than other forms of advertising, and this is particularly effective for a charitable campaign. Invoking individuals to donate comes from awakening sympathy and empathy within them; this is much easier to do if they feel directly addressed in a personal manner.

How Social Media Can Help Charities

As previously mentioned, social media platforms have recently become a vital feature of charities when it comes to raising awareness and collecting funding. As well as this, non-profit organizations can use their social media channels to inform individuals of upcoming fundraising events, meaning that wider audiences are reached, and more donations are obtained. You’ll struggle to find anyone in this day and age who doesn’t have any social media at all, making it the most effective tool for engaging audiences from all walks of life. Charities don’t have a set target audience; they simply reach out to people who are willing to help make a change.

Policies and Procedures

When it comes to charities, the most important rule is to remain honest on your platform. In order to give away money, patrons must trust where it’s going; therefore, you must be totally honest with your donors about what you’re doing with their money. Misleading information won’t do you any favors in the world of non-profits.

How Charities Can Use Facebook

Facebook is now equipped with giving tools so that individuals can directly donate through the platform. This makes individuals much more likely to donate, as they’re not required to open a multitude of links in order to complete a simple transaction. Although accessing links takes only a matter of seconds, this is still enough time for an individual to lose interest in the donation. They may end up saying they’ll donate later when they have time with every intention of doing so, only to inevitably forget. In order to combat this issue, Facebook has enabled charities to add a donate button to their page or adverts.

How Charities Can Use Instagram

When it comes to using Instagram for non-profit organizations, the charity must first set up a business profile. Usefully, Instagram and Facebook profiles can be connected in order to ensure greater efficiency between platforms. One of the most important features of setting up a charity profile on Instagram is including a link to the charity’s website within the bio. Similarly, charities can really benefit from using hashtags in their posts to engage wider audiences that don’t necessarily follow their page. On top of this, they can make use of the donate sticker to allow for ease of donations.